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Friday Wishlist

Happy Wednesday today I rounded up a few items that I have been eyeing. From a new coffee mug (like I really need another one), loungewear, Jewelry, makeup influenced by the girls of Tik Tok etc.   I did some cleaning and purged some areas in my life and I'm lookin to replenish with some new items.  This month I want to start putting a limit on what I splurge on. I tend say oh that's just. "this amount of money" not realizing it all adds up.   With that being said here are a few items I wouldn't mind splurging on right now:

Journal Jumbo Female Sillouette:

If you didn't that I'm obsessed with journals and planners! Thinking back on it growing up I would always have a journal and pen with me.  To see women who look like me on a planner gives me all the  feels. 

Born This Way Foundation: 

Okay so the girls on Tik Tok influenced me to try this one! I'll be honest before I didn't believe the hype but this time around I'm looking for a new foundation. I'll let you know how it goes over on IG!


I'm in need of more loungewear and pajamas! I purged some before the New Year  so I could make room for the new. I'll be honest when I'm around the house I don't like to wear a bra but this bra  from Old Navy seems comfortable.  



Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, I hope you didn't miss me too much! I took a much needed social media break to clear my head for the New Year. At the beginning of the year,  I always feel like I have to dive straight into the year. At some point we should take a step back to see where we're headed. To go over the next move and prepare for it. The whole HUSTLE, HUSTLE, Grind, No Sleep motto is out window.  Taking a break is well needed for everyone no matter what field you're in.

While I was on my break I journaled and as myself what am looking forward to  in 2022! I also received this award in the mail. I wasn't expecting this at all my like I used to say " Someone is always watching.

Here are a few things that I'm looking forward to:

Career Change
New Paid Opportunities 
Strengthening my marriage 
Strenghtening my faith walk
Working on more  having more date nights 
Traveling More (OMICRON Free)
Creating meaningful connections
Better Financial Habits 
Working  on my virtual assistant company 
Attending therapy 
New Place who dis 

Those are just a few things that I am looking forward to this year. I don't know how the year will turn out, but I'm ready to take on what comes to me.  I also plan on beating Imposter Syndrome this year. IT sure does hold you back from you being who you are thinking you don't deserve what you worked hard for. I can't wait to bring some NEW, Fun and Xoxo, I.Joelle content to you.

Until Next Time,



A Little Luxury Gift Guide


This year I've learned that well deserves a little luxury, not just on special occasions. Remember that you decide whatever luxury means to you. If you're looking to purchase a few luxury items here are a few that aren't too expensive and are under $200. 

I wasn't able to link the Marc Jacobs bag so you can follow the link HERE!



Content Creator Giftguide


This gift guide is perfect for a content creator! The blogger, food blogger, Vlogger, Fashion Blogger Etc. If you love to create content and wether you're just starting or a pro in the game, here are few gifts that would be great.

1. Fujifilm Instax Camera: I love using this to snap pictures when I'm going out, traveling, at home and  even when I'm creating content. Taking a photo while creating content give the photo a behind the scenes feel.

2.Lightroom: This would be a great gift to edit your photos from your brand. There is a free version but if you pay for it you will receive more storage. 

3.Ringlight: The past two years I've gone through about 4 ring lights so over the summer my hubby purchased a high quality ring light. Perfect for recording reels, videos and even photoshoots.

4. Content Creator Kit: This camera is perfect for vlogging and taking pictures for creator. I think this set is perfect for a beginner content creator.

5. Influencer: I read this book about two years ago and  I gained so much knowledge. After reading this book I learned how to improve as an  influencer. Also seeing things from the perspective of a PR company and how they work with influencers. 



The Xoxo, I.Joelle Gift Guide


The holidays are here and I know some of us are counting down the days to Christmas.  The next few days I'll be sharing a few gift guides that will give you an idea for the perfect gift.  If you're a fan of my style or what I share then I hope you find a few items for yourself on this gift guide.  This is also a hint to my hubby or to anyone looking to purchase a gift for me ! Lol 

Shop  These Items Below 

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