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Our Love Story

Alexa play " Miguel Sure Thing".....
Timothy and I met the first weekend of November in 2010. I went to a college party with one of best friends Bryana and her friends. When I normally go to parties, my anxiety is it at an all-time high. So many things are running through my head, like why is no one dancing with me? Am I too big or am I even as pretty as these girls in here. So, I’ll end up sitting down watching or just taking the floor by storm with my girls. Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE DANCING! But that night was totally different. I went to that party with the mindset that I’m just going to have fun regardless of anything and that’s what happened.  Bryana, her friends and I had the floor on lock.  OKURRTTT!  It was like we were the only girls in the room. I felt like the Rihanna song “Like I’m The Only Girl In The World” (sorry for the corny jokes) 

So I got a couple of dances in but then I saw HIM, Timothy! We danced together, I mean DANCED!  So after our dance, he asked for my number, but let him tell it that’s not how it happened. But it did!  I honestly thought nothing of it I gave him my number and continued dancing with my girls the rest of the night.

The next day around 1pm that afternoon I got a text from him and from that day we talked on the phone just about every day. Which lead up to our first date on November 20th,2010. Before our date, he met my mommy and she was super excited. I think she more excited than me honey.  He ended up getting lost on the way to my house but eventually found his way.  We went to a local light festival, then  ventured to Target (this is how I knew I really liked him), saw a movie and had dinner at Applebee’s. All in that one night, we had so much fun. We laughed and made jokes all night. I ended up eating all his food at dinner because I hated my food and till this day he won’t let that go.   After our date, he met my dad it was like a scene out of Godfather minus the mob but my dad was eating Italian food. That night I met his family and had dinner at his house.  Fast forward to November 24thwhen we officially started dating!

December  23, 2018,
8 years later I didn’t know what this day would hold. But I was told his family was taking pictures and his mom needed her makeup done.  That Sunday I packed my makeup case and headed over to his house. Once I got to his house I asked so many questions, like where is your mom if I’m supposed to do her makeup?  He told me that we’re going to meet her Downtown on the Battery. Of course, I was confused but I went with it!  As were riding downtown his phone kept ringing and he seemed nervous. I kept asking questions and he looked at me like “ Girl please chill”…. I said, “Let me just hush child...”  I was nervous, impatient and just confused.  So he dropped me off at Loft to get a Christmas gift and then we were off to the “photoshoot”.  Once we got to the location no one was there, so you know I asked more questions!!! Then his brother showed up and I was like okay we’re really doing a photoshoot. But as time went on nobody else showed up. I texted one of my friends and said: “I think something BIG  is about to happen.” His mom called and said to meet them at the park under the gazebo, so we walked down to meet them. As we got closer to them I noticed that there wasn’t a photographer and everyone was just standing up the Gazebo. His brother started walking really slow behind us and Timothy did as well.  As we got closer, popped out two of his cousins holding up signs “ Lucy (my family nickname) will you marry me?” I looked back Timothy and his brother like “WHAT” I started crying like a baby.  I walked up the stairs and he got down on one knee. The looks I his eyes meant everything to me.   He gave me two rings because my engagement had to be resized!


Looking back on everything we both have been grown so much over the years. We’ve grown spiritually, emotionally and mentally.  I know many people don’t see themselves waiting on someone for 8 years but we both know what we wanted and we wanted to make sure we were ready.  This is our love story and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with this man! Stay tuned for what’s to come!

Have any tips for planning a wedding feel free to drop them below in the comments?



Valentine's Day Inspired Looks

With Valentine's Day just a few days away you may be still looking for the perfect outfit to wear for. Whether you're headed out with your love or just hanging out with the girls. I have a few looks that you can take into consideration for the day of love or even if you're celebrating this weekend. 








Two Ways You Can Plan Your Galentine's Day

I’ve been looking to have some Galentine’s  Day fun just in time for Valentine’s Day. I was able to attend a D.I.Y  Class and I had also has some Galentine’s Day fun with my bestfiriend. I want to share some Galentine’s Day ideas that you can do this year.

 1.    Attend a hands-on workshop or class

It's been a while since I been out for some blogger fun.  I was so excited when my friend and D.I.Y Blogger Meagan of A Load of Craft sent me an invite to her DIY Galantine’s day class. About two years ago we both worked on a D.I.Y Project together and you can check it out HERE.

We made these cute Laced Lip tees and tank tops.  It was very easy for us at least because Megan cut the stencil out for us. The only thing we had to do was bring a t-shirt and choose which color lace that we wanted. I went with the red lips because I remember this shirt I had a couple of years ago but ended up outgrowing it.

Along with making these cute shirts we munched on Valentine's Day Inspired Doughnuts from Duck Donuts and sipped on Froze' and lattes.  I enjoyed this time to catch up with some of my local blogger friends. I even ended up meeting two ladies for the first time even though we follow each other on Instagram.

2.    Host a Party

My best friend and threw an Galentine’s Day party at her house.  I went to Target Dollar Spot to pick up and few things for decorations. We used our decorations for to set up a cute photoshoot back drop. 

When I was shopping at Target I found some non-alcoholic sparkling Rose by Welches. It was pretty tasty. We also exchanged Galentine’s Day cards that we’ll open on Valentine’s day. 

I can’t forget about all the fun photos that we took while blasting BeyoncĂ©’. 




The Perfect Red Jumpsuit

When I first tried on this jumpsuit I just knew that this had to be in my closet. A Valentine's Day look was the first thing that came to my mind. I don't have much red items in my wardobe besides all the red lip colors in my beauty collection. I tried this jumpsuit on and posted it Instagram and recieved so many complients. 

Not only can you rock this jumpsuit for Valentine's day but to a wedding, dinner, girls night out etc. I've grown to love jumpsuits over the years. Their like power suits  and give you that extra boost of confidence. I know some may shy away from them beause they feel like it doesn't flatter their shape. But I think it's imporant to find the one that flatters YOUR body type. 

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