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My Top 5 Wedding Planning Tools

It’s no secret that I’m getting married next year! I’m so excited to start a new journey with my fiancĂ©’.  If you're just joining the party check out Our Love Story Here. But before we say I DO, we have a wedding to plan. If you know me then you know I love to plan. From planning trips, dinner, my day, etc.  So far planning this wedding so far has been sort of easy. I've set my boundaries and haven't gotten too caught up in the hype.  During this process of planning, I utilize different tools to help me stay organized. 

Wedding Planner
 This is the first thing I think you should purchase after you say "YASS"  when the question is popped.  A wedding planner helps keep all of your visions and ideas in one place. I carry this around with me to show family members and friends my ideas for the wedding.  This planner is too pretty and I honestly didn't want to write in it just yet. So the only that I have in my planner now is:

  • Wedding Dress Inspo
  • Our Love Story 
  • Wedding Decor Inspo 
  • Pictures of me and Timothy
Once I have secured everything, I will be able to fill in my wedding planner for keepsake and I can look back on it after the big day.

I'm big on writing my ideas down and getting them out of my head. It helps me think better.  In this journal, I have jotted down how I want the ceremony to go, the menu for the reception, numbers for vendors ideas, music for the ceremony, etc.  


Perfect for looking through wedding magazines can help you get an idea of how you want your wedding. You take pieces from each wedding you see and put it together as your own. Looking through magazines can also help you find vendors that you've never heard of locally and nationwide. I've been able to find so much inspiration from looking through magazines and adding them to my vision board.

Sticky Notes

I love using sticky notes on any occasion from work to wedding planning. Using sticky notes keeps me organized when I'm creating different to do list for the wedding planning.  Sticky notes can also come in handy when creating a seating chart for the reception. 

I love using Pinterest because it's like a virtual wedding vision board. I can take my vision and find on  Pinterest.  I've created so many pin boards based around the wedding. There are also many tools featured on Pinterest that can help you stay organized and not get overwhelmed when it comes to wedding planning. 

This month has been a full force for wedding festivities.  Be sure to stay tuned for wedding updates at the end of this month. You can also get some wedding inspo on Wednesdays on my Insta-story. 


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Lane Bryant Dress Try- On Haul +IGTV Link

I decided to stop by Lane Bryant for a try-on haul. With Mother’s Day just a few days away I thought it would be perfect to share a few dresses that would be perfect for Mother’s Day. I even found a few dresses I knew my Mom would love the most. I’ll be honey I even found a dress that I loved but I’ll have to come back to get it because I was on a mission to find something for my mom. 

To check out my try-on session video, Click Here!



A Weekend Refresher at The WE Brunch

I'll be honest last week I was feeling a bit uninspired and stuck. But after my fun-filled weekend, I can say I feel like I'm back on track. On Sunday I attended the WE Brunch hosted by Monique Hill. I've known Monique for about 4 years now, we met back in 2015 while attending an event in  Charlotte, North Carolina.  I've always admired her drive and hustle behind her brand.

On Sunday she hosted her 2nd WE Brunch of the year.  This would be my 2nd time attending her WE Brunch series and she didn't disappoint.  At least 40 women were there with me to enjoy the brunch at Hotel Indigo in Mt. Pleasant.  Once everyone arrived there was a brief introduction, prayer over the food and then brunch. The food was so delicious, from the shrimp and grits to the BaKed Doughnuts.  After everyone was seated,  we all enjoyed our food until it was time for the panel. She had an awesome line up of panelist to speak during the brunch. The women on the panelist are local entrepreneurs and shared their story on how they started their journey.  I've seen these women tv, social media, and even hear their voices on the radio. It felt food to be in the same room as these women because it reminded me that anything is possible.

 Courtnay The Poet
Iskra of IPS Accounting & Consulting Services 
Ashley Thiesen of TMC Social Media
Charliena Snider - Thee Goal Slayer

These ladies were giving awesome advice on social media trends, branding, their journey and I was even able to jot down a few words from each lady that stuck with me.

  • " Talk to the people who talk to me.. Be Authentically yourself." -Meagan
  • " Understand your value and what you bring."
  • "You have to be 100% at what you're doing." -Courtnay
  • "Engage and build relationships." -Charliena 
  • " Your Personal Vs Business Account is different." Ashley 

If you haven't attended a WE Brunch hosted By Monique then I advise you to visit at least one. She also has a host of other business ventures that she is apart of as well. I can't wait to see her flourish into full entrepreneurship in the next few months.

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Wedding Wednesday: Torrid Bridal Dresses

I was so excited to see that Torrid now offers a Wedding Shop. If you're a  curvy bride to be like me, you can find a dress for your big day. Not only for you but your bridal party as well.  There are several options to choose from depending on your wedding aesthetic.

This month I'll start looking at wedding gowns and I just think back on hard it was to find a prom dress in high school due to my size. I'm so glad that Torrid has opened the door not only for plus size clothing but for wedding gowns and bridal party dresses. After online window shopping, I  choose a few that are my favorite dresses.

Wedding Dresses

Bridal Party

I can't wait to try on dresses this month. I'm doing my best to enjoy the engagement stage and not get too overwhelmed with everything. If you want to see more of my wedding Wednesday updates be sure to follow me on Instagram and sign-up for my newsletter.



A Very Derby Inspired Dress

On Saturday I attended my first Derby Party.  I’ve always admired the big hats and beautiful dresses worn with them.  When I first found out about the party, I knew exactly what I was going to wear.  I pulled out this beautiful dress from the BCxLB collab that launched back in March. Rochelle thought about every plus size woman when she created this collection. From fabric, fitting, style, etc.  This dress can be worn with heels, flats and yes even the cutest pair of sneakers. 

I had such a good time at the Derby Party and even met two bloggers from Savannah Georgia. I've been following Kristen ( thelowcountrysocialite) for some time now. It was great to finally meet her in person and she is definitely the sweetest.  This would be my first time meeting  Shelly (shellyclately) and she super sweet as well.  I hope we all can connect again really soon, which means a road trip to Savannah needs to happen soon. 

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