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Life Lessons At Starbucks

Two weeks ago, Starbucks released its Holiday Drinks and I was soo excited. I woke up early so I could stop by to pick up a drink and a reusable cup before work. My plan was to purchase an iced coffee and 2019 re-usable because that’s what I did last year. But my plan was changed quickly.

Once I got to the register to order a drink I let the cashier know what I wanted but he looked at me very strangely. He stated that I couldn’t purchase a reusable cup. I was a little taken back, so I mentioned to him that I purchased one last year. He then said yes I know but our manager made it clear to us that we’re not allowed to sell them, only give them away with the purchase of a holiday drink.   Whew child, I was so upset, because my plan was thrown off. I was so upset, so I ordered my iced coffee and left.   

Once I got in the car I said to myself, "Ireana how could you have handled that differently." Then a light bulb went off, I could’ve gotten a drink that I got last year, Caramel Brulee’.  But I was so mad that I didn’t even think it through all the way. I started thinking about a lot of situations that happened over the past few months. 

 Many things have changed from my job, relationships, blogging, etc. I’ve been so used to saying “ Oh I’ve always done it this way or it happened last year”  that mentality has had me stuck and not adjusting to what’s going on. This year has taught me that I need to adjust to change and not go against it. That even if I don’t like the change, it’s all a part of the growing process.  NO, it doesn't feel good at all, but the pain is apart of growing and healing.  I also have to remind myself that I am human and my feelings are valid. But not to get to so worked up over it because change is for the better. 

As for this look, I took this dress from the Spring and gave it a Fall/ Winter twist.  Which why I buy statement pieces similar to this dress because I can style them in many different seasons.  I only had a chance to wear it once a time in the  Spring so I was excited to bring this out for a fun shoot.

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Friday Finds

Last night on my IG- Stories I shared my Friday Finds. I was supposed to share this blog post yesterday but my week has been hectic. The weather is getting colder and I had to starting thinking about pieces to keep me warm for the next two seasons.

1. Old Navy Coat 



A Click Different Experience at Joesphine Wine Bar

Last week on Wednesday, I went out on a school night with my friend Telisha. We headed to Josephine Wine Bar in Charleston, SC for a Wine Tasting Event. Clink Different: Experience  The Wines of Europe.  I've been wanting to go wine tasting for some time now and I got my chance.

When finally arrived after circling the block for parking,  it was pretty packed. We checked in and got our wine glasses for the night.  We sipped on many different wines which so super fun for me. The only wine I would stick to would be Rose' and Moscato. I don't know much about the other wine flavors but I gave them a try that night.

We sipped on Pinot Noir, Rose', Bordeaux, Red Wine, and Reisling.  Before that night, I didn't understand the hype behind drink older wine. But I got a chance to try a wine that is 6 years old and it was so smooth.  There were also some bites to eat but I only tried one. It was Pimento cheese, fig jam, ham on toast. Weird combo but all of those flavors came together. I wanted to try the cheese from the cheese dish but I still have a hard time eating cheese that isn't melted or on a sandwich ( crazy right).

Cheers to trying to new things and getting out of my comfort zone!  I can't wait to share with you guys the next adventure.

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Styling A Blazer 5 Ways

After searching for the Black Blazer, I finally hit the jackpot when I visited Lane Bryant. They were having a great sale so I go this blazer for half the price.  I wanted to share with you how I would style this blazer. I love the material that this blazer has and it's versatility.

1. Sassy and Chic
Blazer, Bodysuit and Pleated Skirt

2.  Tuxedo  Illusion
Blazer and Jumpsuit

3.A Classic Twist: 
 Blazer, Tank Top, Jeans and Loafers

4. Sporty Chic
Blazer, Turtleneck, Leggings, and Sneakers

5. Chic

Blazer, Cami Dress, and Booties



My Go To Fall Lip Combos

Fallujah ( I hope I spelled that right)  that it's Fall! That means I can break out my favorite lip color combos.  If you want to see my go-to lip colors then you can check them out HERE. But this time around I want to share with my go-to Fall Lip combos. My main trick of these combos is using lip liners and colors that compliment them.  

1. MAC Cork Lip Liner and Fenty Beauty: Unbutton and Unveiled

I'll admit this combo is for all seasons but I tend to pair the most in the Fall. I will line my lips with cork lipliner and pair it with Unbutton or Unveiled.  These lip colors alone are perfect for Fall but I like to add the lip liner for an extra effect.

2.NARS Train Bleu and  Starwoman
I remember back in 2013 ombre lips were the biggest trend. But now more subtle and nude lips are the go-to thing. But I love a good ombre lip, especially this combo.   You can also use  MAC's Nightmoth in a switch for Train Bleu.

3. MAC Nightmoth and Oh Lady 

Oh Berry! The perfect Berry lip combo for me! These two-color alone are powerhouses but together they're even better.

My go-to lipstick finish is Matte and I've grown to love the liquid to matte as well. Using a lip liner will help the color stay in place as well. So many times I've applied liquid lip colors alone and they tend to bleed and get on my teeth.  Another major key is keeping your lips moisturized. I apply a moisturizer before applying my makeup so it can set in my lips just in time for me to apply my lip color.

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