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Styling A Bodysuit

Photography: Jennifer Collins Photography

I'll be honest I didn't know how this bodysuit would fit me. I didn't try it on when I bought it because I was drawn to the color and price. With no clue on how I wanted to style the bodysuit, I figured I keep it simple. Jeans and a bodysuit are like milk and cookies...they are a perfect pair.  I love the fit of this bodysuit for sure. I picked it up from JCPenney apart of the Ashley Nell Tipton Collection.  If you haven't checked out her collection, then you are missing out on good deals and style.

Don't be afraid to give bodysuit's a try because you just may be surprised by the outcome. Here are a few bodysuits that I love right now.

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Weekend Casualties

Over the weekend I headed to Myrtle Beach with my love. Our original plan was to spend the day and come back home. But his parents were there since Thursday and allowed us to come share their suite.  My plan wasn't spend a lot of money or do a lot of shopping but it happened.

I found some amazing deals at Belk on Saturday. My boyfriends mom is my new shopping partner because she always find good deals when we go shopping. After shopping we headed back to the room to change for the night.

We headed to Dave  & Buster's for games and fun. This would be my first time going to and it wasn't the best experience. We ate dinner there which wasn't the best because we had to wait for FOREVER to get our food because it was so busy. But we had fun playing games and taking a few pictures.

After that we headed to the strip on the beach for a a night time photoshoot. My babe is always down (well sometimes lol) for a photoshoot. I just wanted to capture my casual style because I'm not always glam!

On  Sunday we went to breakfast at Hot Stacks Pancake House. Let me tell you there are so many breakfast  places in Myrtle Beach but this restaurant was so good. It was actually very cheap and worth the money. After breakfast  we headed to the outlet, and my first stop was Forever 21. Normally when I go to Forever 21 in Myrtle beach, they didn't carry Plus Sizes. But this time around they did, and all the clearance was %50 off.  I can't wait to share all  the fun pieces that I picked up this weekend. I definitely enjoyed my getaway even if it was a short one.

It felt good just to getaway even if it was just for a day.

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Plus Size Haul: Target, Forever 21, ASOS



Don't Forget To Treat Yourself

With Valentine's Day around the corner some us maybe looking for the perfect gift for someone or maybe not. But even if you're single Valentine's Day doesn't have to be the dreaded day of the year. I find that treating yourself will always make you feel special on any day.


It doesn't matter what side you're on we all deserve to treat ourselves. I plan on picking up a gift for my sweet teddybear and I also plan on treating myself as well. There are many ways you can treat yourself and not just on Valentine's Day.

Me Time

Take yourself out on date rather is be coffee at your local cafe or dinner and a movie. I love visiting local coffee shops with my laptop and blog the day away.

If it's in your budget or splurge pick up yourself something nice once in a while. Don't be ashamed of picking up yourself something nice.

I also love to give myself spa time as well. Instead of going out and spending money on a mani, pedi and facial.  One day a week I'll turn on some jazz music and have a spa day.

If there's no one to buy you flowers then buy yourself flowers. We go through life expecting someone to always do for us but what have you done for YOU lately.

Don't wait for Valentine's Day to make your spouse or even yourself feel special. I feel that any chance you get, you should feel special.

Remember that self love is the best love. You should always make time for yourself and don't always depend on anyone to make you feel special. It should be an extra perk that someone makes you feel special on any day.

“It’s all about falling in love with yourself and sharing that love with someone who appreciates you, rather than looking for love to compensate for a self love deficit.” 
― Eartha Kitt

Happy Valentine's Day 2016!




Top 3 Red Lip Colors for Valentine's Day

 Hey loves Valentine's Day is 6 days away, what are your plans? Well, I gave you some fashion inspiration yesterday on the blog. But today I'm sharing some Red Lip Inspo for Valentine's Day. No matter your plans for Valentine's Day I wanted to share my favorite red lipstick to rock on Valentine's Day. I was a big fan of MAC's Ruby Woo but since they changed the formula I had to find a different Red lip color.

1. NARS Star Woman
2. NARS Dragon Girl
3. Kat Von D Underage Red

Each lipstick is perfect for Date Night, Galentine's Day and or beyond Valentine's Day. Each lip color has its own entity but all three are matte lip colors. Dress up these lip colors with that LDB or with jeans and a t-shirt. You make the look, but give these lip colors a try if you haven't.

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