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Customize Your Tech With Case App

Am I the only one who could never find their name on the name magnets or key chains growing up? I would get so, like why can't I find my first or middle name on anything. I saw my last name but no luck for the first or middle. Over the years I found out that I had to customize to get my name on anything.  Thanks to Case App I was able to customize my iPhone case and my MAC Book.

Case App allows you to customize your design or use one of their many designs. You can create a custom skin for your phone or laptop. Click Here to see if your device fits. It was a tough decision I had to make. I couldn't decide if I wanted to use my blog logo or use my name. As you can see I went with my first initial and middle name for my iPhone. I'm obsessed with quotes, so I added one of my favorites quotes  "Bloom Where You're Planted."

You can also shop Case App now thru April 12th with my code  XOXOIJOELLE20  for 20% Off.

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5 Ways I'm Staying Productive During This Time

It's been a whole week since we've been quarantined for COVID 19. I'll be honest it took me a couple of days to calm myself down because it had me so worried. But I prayed, cried and prayed some more about it. I can say I'm thankful that during this time I'm still able to get paid because there are so many others who are not getting paid during this time. I'm thankful that I'm able to purchase groceries and other items because there are some people who are not able to. A way to cope with what's going on is to take it one day at a time.

Another way to keep my mind off what's going on is to stay productive. My fiance reminded me how I would always say I don't have the time to do this or that. But now it's time to do so.  Here are a few things that I have done and will continue to do during this time.

1. Creating a to-do list
 Every morning before I get my day started, I would create a to-do list on sticky notes. Creating a to-do list keeps me sane and reminds me of what I need to accomplish for the day. This where my planner comes into place. If you don't use a planner, this would be a perfect time to use one.

2. Read or Color:
Listen on a daily basis, I never get a chance to read or color. I'm always on the go and any downtime that I have, I'm too tired. I'm putting it in my schedule to at least read or color.  This also helps me escape from what's going on.

3. Doing work outside my bedroom
I learned this from my college course that doing any work in your bedroom is not the best. So what I did was clean up my office area and made it nice enough to work in. Your environment plays a big factor in how productive you will be for the day.

4. Take A Break
If you're working from home or helping your kids with homeschool work, don't forget to take a break.  you may become overwhelmed and burned out.  Step away from the screen, close the book, do what you need to do to take a break. This isn't a time to add more stress to your life.

5. Organize
I'm also using this time to organize my space. There are so many things taking up space that I need to let go of. Pretty soon Timothy and I will be moving in together and I would hate to bring unneeded
items.  Cleaning is also very therapeutic to me as well.

I know right now is it a bit rough but I encourage you to take it one day at a time. If you need to take a step back from things then do that.  Don't let anyone make you feel like you'overreacting or you don't care what's going on. We're all handling this differently.  Be kind, this is all new to us and show a little sympathy.


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Here's Why You Need An Acrylic Jewelry Organizer

  All of my jewelry finally have a safe place. No more placing my earrings in a big box and not being able to find them when I need them.  At the time, my storage at the time was one jewelry box and a four-part acrylic drawer.  But that wasn't enough, I would end up losing pieces, having them getting tangled up with other earrings. By the time it was time for me to untangle them they were broke.

I've learned over the years that if I create a space then I can always put it back where it belongs.  I had to find a solution because my current system wasn't working.  I'll be honest I tend to keep things for a long time but as I'm getting older I realize they're just taking up space. I was determined to fit everything in the drawers which means I had to throw out a few things. 

On a Saturday afternoon, I ventured over to TjMaxx because they have a wide selection of acrylic drawers. I was looking for a drawer with at least 8-10 pieces. I  was able to find one for $16.99 and the majority of my jewelry did fit.  I didn't realize how much jewelry I had until it was time to organize. I came up with a system and separated my jewelry my finish and color. Placing tassels in one drawer, beaded and glitter jewelry in another, lucite in this drawer and etc. This system makes organizing my jewelry much easier. Now I can say that all of the pieces have a safe place. My dresser looks so much neater and less clutter. I just have to remind myself to put things back where they belong. 



4 Wearable Spring Trends To Try

Spring is almost here but the weather shows that it isn't going to wait.  If you didn't, Spring is my FAVORITE season next to Fall. I love spring because of the warm weather and being able to rock fun and flowy dresses with sneakers of course.   When a new season approaches I like to research what styles are trending. I'm looking to see to what trends I'm willing to try and which ones I'm willing to pass.

As you can see I finally found the perfect pair. If you read my Spring Shoe Haul post, you know how hard it is for me to find trendy shoes. But thanks to Torrid for being on trend with their shoes. Espadrilles can be dress or down, with a cute mini dress or jeans and a t-shirt.  There are so many options when it comes to styling Espadrilles. If you haven't added them to your collection you're missing out for sure.

Puffy Sleeves
Now when I first saw that this was trending for the season all I could think about was Saved By The Bell.  When Kelly Kapowski and Lisa Turtle wore those puffy sleeve dresses. Even though I have broad shoulders, I'm a little on the fence about this trend but I'm willing to give it a try.

 Straight Leg Jeans

I finally stepped on the wild side and gave my skinny jeans a rest. I've worn two pairs of straight leg jeans and I love them. They give off a relaxed but chic vibe to your outfit. Check out how I styled my American Eagle Straight Leg Denim Here.

Fun Baubles and Bits
This season calls for fun baubles and bits. Baubles and bits is another name for jewlery . But this call for fun pieces of jewelery pieces.

Ofcourse these are just a few wearble trends that you can rock this season. I wanted to spotlight a few that you will for certain find me wearing.  Stay tuned for more Spring style to come!

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How I Popped The Question To My Bridal Party and They Found The One

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by David's Bridal. All opinions are my own.
It's Wedding Wednesday and I'm back with some fun updates. As you know the last time we spoke I said YES to the dress at David's Bridal.  Read HERE to see how I Found The One.  I wasn't the only one who said YES to the dress, my bridal party did as well. But before I share how they found the one, I'm going to flashback to April of last year when I popped the question to my Bridal Party.

After doing my research on Bridal Proposal Parties, it was time to plan the fun.  Hosting is my jam and I can't wait to move into our space so I can host my guest for dinner and other occasions. I wanted to be able to have a great time with the girls and share with them all the fun festivities that are ahead. So once I got everything together I sent out invites via e-mail which so much easier.  My fiance's grandmother allowed us to use her house for the brunch and his mom cooked a wonderful brunch for us. Pinterest had so many fun ideas for me to try for this brunch. One particular idea was a  wedding ring cupcake display.  That was such an easy and fun task, along with making the gift bags for my bridal party.  I have a total of 7 girls in my bridal: Jasmine (Matron of Honor), Bryana ( Maid of Honor), Bendrena (Bridesmaid), Brittina ( Bridesmaid), Tamara, ( Bridesmaid), Megan ( Junior Bridesmaid) and Morgan ( Flower Girl)

Here's What I Gifted My Bridal Party:
  • Wedding Colors Swatches
  • Mini Bottle of Rosè
  • Hershey Kisses
  • List of Dates of festivities
  • Flower Girl received the same items minus the Rosè
I totally forgot to snap pictures of their bags because we were having so much fun!

Finding  The One

Fast Forward to 2020, my girls said YES to the dress.  When I thought about what I wanted the girls to wear, I wanted to make sure that they're comfortable with what dress they choose.

Back in February Bryana and Brittina came with me to try on their dresses. My other girls couldn't make it but all was well. My first choice was the Matron and Maid of Honor to wear the same dress and the bridesmaids to wear a different dress.

Here is the first option I wanted Jasmine ( Matron of Honor) and Bryana(Maid of Honor)  to wear. Bryana tried it on but it wasn't what we were going for.  Brittina tried on the same dress but with cap sleeves HERE. But we had one more option to try and it was the one-shoulder lace and mesh dress. HERE. We ALL loved the dress, so I made the decision that they'd all wear that dress. I mean this dress would be perfect for any body type and it's just effortless.  Another decision I had to make was the color. David's Bridal has a wide range of colors to choose from so I narrowed it down to the color that will compliment my dress and the girls.

We were also able to find the perfect shoes to go with their dresses as well. I mean David's Bridal is like a one-stop-shop for your bridal needs. Even though all of my girls weren't able to make it to the appointment, David's Bridal has it set up to where they can come in to purchase their dress without me being there. They saved the choices in a profile with the dress choice, shoes and any other information you need.

I  feel like I can finally breathe because these are a few things to mark off my wedding to-do list.  I don't really feel the Wedding Jitters just yet but I think I'll start feeling it once we get even closer.  Be sure to follow along on my Instagram for more updates. You can CLICK HERE for all the David's Bridal Collab Fun. Are you all caught up on Wedding Content? If not CLICK HERE!

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