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Final Wedding Update

Well what do you know, the time has come! I made it to my last wedding update here on the blog and I've enjoyed this journey so much. I loved sharing all the fun information with you all. Also thank you so much for reading and engaging. I hope I wasn't too overbearing! I loved reading some of my favorite bloggers share their wedding updates because it gave my so much inspiration and ideas for myself. I also know this particular information can help the next Bride To Be.


All the big decisions have been finalized but I'm still currently updating the seating chart for the reception.  This week I've had a few changes with our guest list but all in all the show will still go on. We did have to downsize our guest list due to CDC guidelines and we also had to make some adjustments due the guidelines as well.  But I just want to make sure that everyone is safe so I'm happy we're taking those precautions. We're both so excited and all of those surrounding us are as well.  I look forward to dancing the night away with a mask on of course  with my love. 

The last thing I need to do is finish printing out the programs, print out a posterboard from Walgreens and order a few more mask just incase a guest forgets there's. Also my wedding  hair trial is tomorrow and my best friend and I will get our nails done. Not much more for me to do but get glam and send off my logistics for the big day. I wanted to leave you will a some Wedding Day Pins that I've been saving  to give you a sneak peek of my vision for the big day!  Stay tuned for Post-Wedding Content! 



My Bridal Shower Recap and What I Wore

Wow, just a week ago I was surrounded by so many people who showered me with love for our big day. It was such a beautiful Bridal Shower even though it was drive through. My girls did such a good job putting this together for me. From small too big they payed attention to everyday detail when planning.

I want to thank my Matron of Honor Jasmine and Bridesmaid Tamara for planning such an amazing shower. I knew they would be great together as a team. I also want to thank Timothy's mom and Aunts for helping set up as well. 

What I  Wore:
 I knew exactly what I wanted to wear once I got engaged. I have been stalking this jumpsuit for the longest. I was debating between and dress and this jumpsuit. So I went this jumpsuit from Eloquii and I'm so glad I did.

The once I arrived I started crying like a baby, I must admit during this process I have been so emotional. I guess because I'm realizing things are getting closer.  It was so good to see some of my famliy and friends  stop by. 
After the drive thru 
we all went inside for some food and fellowship.  Each woman went around the room to give me a few words of wisdom and it was so beautiful. I loved hearing what everyone had to say. One thing that stuck out the most is  "Love conquers all."

We're officially 7 days away and I can't wait until next Saturday!



Friday Favorites: Perfume For The Big Day


It’s Friday ya’ll  and I’m so excited! I have so much to look forward to the next few days. I get married in less than  10 days and ya’ll I still can’t believe it!  When you’re planning a wedding I wanted to make sure that I choose items that are very sentimental us both.   



Not only do I want to look good on my big day but smell good as well. Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite scents that I have as contenders for the big day.  Each of the scents are timeless and I only wear them on special occasions. 

1. Coco Mademoiselle

My granny gifted this one to me and I'm obsessed. Funny story, my mom gave me a bottle of Chanel my sophomore year of high school and I wish I still had it.

2.Miss Dior Cherie: Okay I've had this for about 10 years now. This  is my first full sized perfume that I purchased. I remember making big money at my first job  and saved up coins for this one. 

3. Chanel : Chance
Another one by Chanel that I love so much. I always look for ways to save and get more bang for my buck. I wanted a travel sized perfume and I was happy to find this one was available in travel size. It comes with three re-fillable bottles with your purchase. I've had this one since summer 2018 and I'm not even close to being done with first bottle.

4. Chloe'
 When I smelled this fragrance I was in love. It reminded of scent my mom wore back in the day. This scent gives me all the nostalgia  back to when I was younger. This is one scent that I would purchase full sized because I've purchase about 4 of these mini sets over the years.

5.  Tom Ford Black Orchid
I have a love hate relationship with this scent because it's so strong. I love to pull this out during cooler temperatures and for special occasions. 

6. YSL Women's Libre
This. quarantine purchase but totally worth it. I'm a big fan of this scent by YSL along with Black Opium .

Stay tuned to see what scent I choose for the big day! We're 8 days away and I'm ready to slay!



Wedding Updates: 17 Days until #TheGreatWalkerAffair

Wow! I wasn't expecting this time to come so quick. I can remember sitting at my desk with my coworkers Holly and Fiona, going over wedding details back in 2019. I can also remember how the day felt on December 23rd 2018 when he proposed. It was one of the best feelings in the world. Fast forward to 2020, and we're almost to the finish line. I loved sharing my updates during this journey because I didn't find many bloggers sharing theirs and that's okay. This will be my last monthly update for the #GreatWalkerAffair.


Our ceremony is all secured since 2019!  The chapel is beautiful alone but I still want  add some personal touches for the decor. Heres a few ideas for the decor:

Courtesy of Pinterest


Our reception is still on and we found a different place. We did cancel it and decided to do something small but changed plans on that. I wish we found this place first because I would've had more time to find the perfect decor. But at this point we're going to make things work.  

Hair and Makeup

I'm so excited because I did finalize on hair and makeup. I will be having two makeup artist for my bridal party, my mom and Timothys mom.  After going back and forth about my hair, I finally made decision on either wearing a wig or my natural hair. I posted an inquiry on a group on Facebook and received so many responses. I wanted to find the perfect stylist who specializes in natural hair.


We switched Dj's and I'm so excited about this Dj we have now. He is my coworker and during quarantine he hosted online parties and I felt like I was actually at a party in my living room. I can't wait to have the best time on the dance floor. Here's a few photos on how I plan on being at my reception!


Bridesmaids Gifts

I've been looking for the perfect gifts to give my bridesmaids on the big day. Last week I came up with a very sentimental concept that I think they will love. I'm looking forward to them receiving it on the big day. 


I've purchased all the flowers for the girls boquetes and I plan on having a bouquet party with the girls in a few weeks. This will also be a time for them try on their dresses and make sure that everything fits perfectly.

My Dress and accessories 

I sent my dress off alterations two weeks ago and it will be ready for pick up in a few days. I didn't need much work to do but I can't wait for the big reveal very soon.  I found the perfect pair earrings to wear  and I saw shoe gems to add to my shoes.  I do have shoes I plan on wearing but Im still indecisive about it. I'm going to weigh out my options and figure out if I'm going to try a different pair.  Did you miss me finding the one? Click Below to re-read my blog post!

Now that I think about I could fit in one more blog post closer to the wedding date. I still have a few more things I need to mark off my list and then we will be ready for the big day.  Stay tuned for more of what's to come.

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