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Casual Thanksgiving Look

Thanksgiving is just a few days away but do you have living room outfit ready? Whether you're laying around the house or headed over to family members house for dinner, I have this simple and casual look for you.

I don't know about you but I know I'll be stuffing my face on Thursday so I want to wear something cute and comfortable. These jeans are very comfortable from LOFT along with this sweater. I paired with these loafers because they're comfortable and I can kick them off when I'm laying around the house.  How cute is this hat though? This happens to be one of the latest trends this season. Don't be afraid to give it a try.

This just happens to be one of the looks I may wear this Thursday. But stay tuned on my Instagram to see what I'll be rocking.

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What I Wore This Week Nov 12-16th

Hey loves this week I accomplished capturing all of my looks from the week. It was so much fun doing it and I'll be sure to keep up with this. Next weeks post will be short because we only have a two day week because of Thanksgiving Break.  I'm sharing each look at where I purchased each item from and I'll be sure to share similar looks as well.


Top: Loft
Boots: Payless


Top: Lane Bryant 
Shoes: Catherine's 
Earrings: It's Fashion


Dress: Maurices
Boots: Lane Bryant (2016)
Earrings: It's Fashion


Sweater & Top: Loft
Pants: TjMaxx
Boots: Payless
Earrings: It's Fashion


Dress: Old Navy
Leggings: Forever 21+
Boots: Payless
Scarf: Target



Brunch Style & Trying New Things

This past weekend my friend Narcisa hosted her first Gals That Brunch Charleston Chapter Brunch. She'll be hosting these brunches each month through out the year at different locations. With the  hopes of  bringing local business women together and creating meaningful connections.  Be sure to check out her blog and follow her on Instagram  CLICKHERE !!  I was so excited to attend because I haven't had brunch with my friends in a while. Once I knew I was going I immediately thought about what I was going to wear. I knew I have so many clothes that I haven't worn yet so I look through my closet and found came up with this look. 

I picked out this look because it was comfortable and very chic. In my opinion, when you're attending brunch you should rock a look that is comfortable and stylish. You need to feel comfortable enough move around in just in case it's packed inside the restaurant or there is tight sitting. I felt like I was able to move around a lot in my outfit.

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Can we talk about the food though?! This was my first time visiting the Five Loaves Cafe in Summerville, SC.  Five Loaves Cafe specializes in vegan and more healthy options. I kept hearing the waitress saying " We don't have a fryer so we can't make any french fries." I thought that was the funniest thing.  I decided to try the seafood burger and tangyuan soup with lump crab meat. Yes, it was something I never tried before and I was a bit hesitant. The food turned out to be very delicious. Overall I may go back and try their brunch menu.

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What I Wore: November 8th 2019

I try to my best to keep up with my style at work. I want to post as many pictures but I forget to take them half of the time. But I hope this method will work out this time. I'm not making any promises so here goes.

On Thursday I posted this look because it's a go-to look for me around this time of year. Somedays at work I like to dress it up but this more of my casual looks.  I can't count how many pairs of these pants that I have in my closet for work. I think having a wide selection of work pants is a necessity if your work attire is business- casual. Be sure to buy colors that you mix and match:

  • Navy Blue
  • Olive
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Khaki
  •  Printed Pants

As for this top, its very comfy and I've worn it two different ways.  This happens to be one look for work.  I was able to style this top during the weekend as well. When I'm shopping for tops I make sure I can wear them to work and during my off days.  I found this denim jacket at NORDSTROM RACK for $18 yes I said $18. So forgive me if you see me wearing this a lot because it's been a long time since I've had a jean jacket that fits perfectly.

If you want  to know where I shop  check out these to blogpost for more details: Click Here and Here 

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Exact Sweater



Styling Statement Boots

I've seen these boots worn by my favorite fashionistas for a while now. But with my luck, I wasn't able to find my size in these statement boots. I've seen Ashley Brooke style these boots like it's no one's business.  So when I first saw that these boots were available in my size  I was a bit hesitant about getting them.  Weighed my pros and cons just to find that I didn't have any boots like these in my closet. Which persuaded me to buy them and add them to my collection.

Right now I'm working on trying to new looks and stepping out of my comfort zone. I try not to stick to one style when I wear clothes. I don't want to be defined by one signature look because my "Style Mood" changes daily. One day you'll catch me in jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers. On the next day, I'll be rocking a cute dress, boots and a moto jacket.

Try This Look: 

  • You can recreate my  same look 
  •  A turtle Neck and High Waisted Jeans
  • Long Flowly Maxi Dress, Fedora, Scarf and Moto Jacket

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