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Swimsuit Round-Up


The warmer weather is here and it's time to hit the pool or beach. I love having plenty of options when it comes to swimsuits. Some of my favorite places to shop for swimsuits are Lane Bryant, Old Navy, Target and Wal-Mart. One place I want to try a swimsuit from is Eloquii and Swimsuitsforall. Over the years Gabbi Fresh Plus-Size Blogger  has been collaborating with Swimsuits For All and giving us curvy sisters a run for our money. I haven't tried it out yet but I hopefully I can this Summer.

My Favorite places to shop :


Lane Bryant

Old Navy 


Places I want to try this year:


Swimsuits for All



March Amazon Purchases


Last month I needed to head to AA ( Amazon Anonymous) because I made so many purchases. I love how easy it is to type what you need in the search bar, decided if it's Prime and then  Bam! You just bought too many things  in one setting*le sigh*. I was going to cancel my prime membership but I decided to change my mind and keep it because Timothy and I both benefit from it. Below are a few items that I purchased last month.

Card Reader/Birthday Year Necklace/ Men's Silicone RingVacuum Cleaner Corded /IntialNecklace Pendant/ 12 Acrylic Earring Set/ Lingerie Dress/Birthday Candles/30 Balloon

*By clicking on the links above I do receive a small commission .

What were your Amazon purchases last month?



March Recap


March such a fun month for me ! It was my birthday month for one and during this month I accomplished some goals. Back in March I landed a one a GREAT paid campaign and I can't wait to share the details. But in the meantime I'll be sharing some of my favorites from the month of March.

1.My Style

This month I feel like I've stepped it up a little bit towards the end of the month to prepare for my birthday. I shopped online at the beginning of the month just in time to rock these outfits during my birthday weekend.


Saturday Night Out

Birthday Look

3.Kate Spade Bag

I purchased a new bag for my birthday which I started this tradition last year during quarantine. Kate Spade has surprises sales everyday and this particular bag was on sale for $89. I couldn't pass it up and the color was perfect.

4. Chanel Chance

This has been my perfume scent of the month. I finally hit the first bottle of the scent of this set. I've has this since 2018 in the summer. 

5.Hair Style

I've been trying new hairstyles my natural hair and I think I found my new go to style. This ponytail style has become my new favorite this month. I even switched things up by adding  a different hair type of ponytail. 

Stay tuned for more to come this month! Hopefully I can get back to doing weekly recaps this month. 



Cheers To 30!


Ya'll it's my 30th Birthday 30 on 3/30 honey and I feel that it's something so special about this birthday. Last year I couldn't celebrate the way I wanted to because of COVID-19 but I made it happen. 

"They tried it, they went for it. All year you're still here, just ignore it. " - Drake

As I reflect and close the chapter on my 20's I can say I'm content. I accomplished so much in my 20's when I look back on it. From landing major campaigns, traveling, getting married to my best friend, getting my bachelors degree, becoming an aunt and getting a job I always wanted.   The list goes on but the most important thing I've gained in my 20's is loving myself and accepting Ireana! 

Whew it was a ride to get here, trips, falls mistakes, setbacks etc. But here I am Thirty and Thriving, I feel like I've stepped over into another level of my life. Another level of setting boundaries, doing what I love, more life a living with purpose. 

My Mantras for 30

  • Healing is important 
  • Everything I want is on the other side of fear
  • " It is what it is.."
  • I'm worth it and more
  • Find a way to make it happen
  • Trust the process
  • Live as if it's the last day
  • Wake up with a purpose
  • Live not just survive
  • Set those healthy boundaries 
  • Normalize "I don't want to" without an explanation
  • My peace and mental health is important





Athleta Try-On Haul


Last weekend I hosted a Private Shopping Party at Athleta as a celebration of my birthday month. I invited a few friends to try on some pieces and  shop some the latest of what Athleta has. During the private shopping party we had a chance to try one some pieces and do the blogger things that we do. I did walk away with new outfit after trying on some pieces. Stay tuned to see what I purchased. But right now I'm sharing what I tried on.  Everything is 3x or size 24!

1. Conscious Crop D-DD+ &  Farallon Printed Jogger

Shop This Look

2. Conscious Crop D-DD+, Nolita Wide Leg and Urbanite Top

Shop This Look

3.Urbanite Top, Conscious  Crop Top and Printed Joggers

Shop The Look

4. Breezy Tank and  Printed Tights

Shop This Look

This was such a great time to bring in my birthday month! Check your local Athleta on how you can host a Private Shopping Party !

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