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One Way To Wear An Animal Print Skirt

Can you believe that I found this skirt at Wal-Mart? I must say for a couple of months now they have been stepping up their game by staying on-trend. I'm still surprised how they're on-trend and affordable at the same time. I passed up similar skirts but when I saw this price, I just couldn't pass this up.  This skirt is so much fun and can be dressed up and dressed down.

I was looking through my closet and saw so many ways I could style this skirt. This look happens to be one of the many looks I came up with.  If you're headed out on date night or even with the girls. This $9 skirt can help you serve many different looks this season. 



Dinner In My Morph Dress

I’m a bit late on this post but better late than never right.  About two weeks ago I was invited out to dinner with a few local bloggers. We ate dinner at Mill Street Tavern on Shem Creek in Mt. Pleasant.  It would be my first time eating here so  I was looking forward to trying something new. Before heading out to the restaurant I had to figure out what I was going to wear. I get too bored wearing the same thing over and over when I have clothes in the closet. So I decided to wear this dress from Morph Clothing that I was gifted during a photoshoot.  

This dress can be styled 60 different ways, YES 60 honey. This way I'm styling it was perfect for dinner that evening. Oh yes, and it has pockets. I wanted to wear something comfortable and stylish. If you want to learn more about these amazing dresses CLICK HERE!


The Mill Street Tavern
Chef Cottrill
Salad: Smoked Peach & Frisee' Salad
Drinks: Green Tea Shot & Peach Mint Mule

Everything that I tried was delicious ! Especially the mule, I'm not a big fan of mules but this was so refreshing and good.  My entree was the Southern Fried Chicken and it was pretty good for the most part.  I would love to go back with Timothy simply because of the food and the view.



What I Wore This Week

Hey ya'll, I survived the first day of school and week of school. I mentioned on  IG  yesterday that I'm still trying to find balance with school starting back. I'm also back working evenings so my life is going to a little hectic. But I know everything will work out.  Being that I'm back in school I can share my fabolous outfits at work.

As you know I'm all about comfort and style! If you want to learn more about how I shop and where I shop for my clothes you read my Teaching In Style E-Book.


I stumbled upon this dress walking through Wal-Mart one evening.  I said to myself I have to  add this dress to my collection. I needed more dresses to just throw on or even to wear to work just like this one. This dress does come on other styles as well and it's only $20.  It would only be right to pair it with my favorite sneakers from ASOS.


I'll be honest I was a bit nervous about wearing this kimono to work but I quickly got over it. My best friend passed this kimono on to me after she purchased it from Amazon over the summer.  I'm a big fan of kimonos paired with jeans and this is perfect for the work place.  My kids were in awe of the kimono, "Ms. Nathan, I love you cape."  I thought it was the sweetest thing.

I can't wait to share more looks the rest of the school year. Be sure to check out my Teaching In Style E-Book Here.

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The New Flex Magic Waistband Denim

I'm always looking for the perfect pair of jeans. My perfect pair of jeans are comfortable, hugs my curves and comes in different styles. I'm a big fan of skinny jeans because you can dress them up and down. I'm also a big fan of Lane Bryant's new Flex Magic Waistband Denim!  Magic incorporated that you never know you needed, until now. Here's what you need to know about the Flex Magic Waistband Denim. 

Flex Magic Waistband Denim

  The Flex Magic Waistband moves with you, whether life takes you, providing all-day comfort in each pair of the new Lane Bryant Jeans.  I find so much comfort in these  Curvy Fit High Rise Jeans.  Nothing too tight or loose, they hug my curves in the right place.   Lane Bryant considered all the women across the world when they created these jeans.  The best about this MAGIC is that it's incorporated into every single pair of Lane Bryant's Jeans. Which are available instore and online! You won't be able to find this technology in other jeans.  Lane Bryant's Flex Magic Waistband uses technology that is exclusive to the brand in bottoms.

Lane Bryant is the authority on denim in sizes 12-28 with over 35 million pairs of the denim sold since 2000. Which means that there are 35 million reasons to try the New Flex Magic Waistband.  Believe me, you'll want to try this magic.  If didn't know Lane Bryant's new assortment of denim is in stores on LaneBryant. com

Check out the NEW Flex Magic Waistband at the Best-Fitting Denim Event on August 17th!
 You're invited to hang out with me at. Northwoods Market Place!  You try on a new pair of denim and enjoy some major savings!

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