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New York City Travel Diary

This time last week I was in the heart of New York City with my best friend for my 28th Birthday. My brother gifted me a trip to NYC  as a graduation gift. Once I found out I was going to NYC I immediately created a playlist of music and started planning where I wanted to go. I've always dreamed about going to New York and last week my dreams came true. This whole trip was such an amazing experience and I can't wait to go back.

If these photos aren't enough for you, check out my Travel Vlog Here!

Flight: Jet Blue
Hotel: Moxy NYC Downtown

Places We Ate: Pronto Pizza, Shake Shack, Joe's Pizza, 
Nickel and Diner, Dallas BBQ, Insomnia Cookies 

Sights we visited: World Trade Center Area, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Washington Park

I can't wait to see what's next up for traveling! Be sure to catch up on Instagram using the #xoxoijoelletravels hashtag and even using my Travel Highlight on IG.

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28 Random Facts About Me

If you didn't know my birthday was two days ago. I spent it in New York City with my best friend Jasmines and we had the best time.  I saved this blog post for my birthday but  I didn't want to bring my laptop on this trip so I can take everything in.   If you missed my insta stories on my birthday,  shared a few facts about me. Here are a few more that I didn't get to post on my Insta-story.

1. I  just found out the difference of a Caramel Iced Coffee vs  Iced Caramel Latte
2. I'm the youngest of three and the only GIRL!
3. Cooking is therapy for me and my favorite thing to cook is pasta!
4. I want to host dinner parties with my friends when I move into my own place.
5. I love chocolate but I hate chocolate cake.
6. When I was 7 I took modeling classes for Millie Lewis
7. My sophomore year of high school, I took a Fashion Merchandising class. After taking that class my love for fashion grew even more.
8. I can be very shy at first but I eventually open up.
9. I want to take pole dancing classes because I love to dance
10. Visiting Paris is my dream destination.

11. I struggled with my confidence for a long time but blogging has helped me overcome.
12. I want to start my own stationery company.
13. When I was younger I would always carry around a purse and a journal.
14. Recording my first YouTube video back in 2014 helped me overcome dislike of my voice.
15. When I was in the 4th grade I had a growth spurt that led me to have two hip surgeries.
16. I failed my driver license test twice and got it on the third try.
17. I didn't have my first job until I was 19.
18. My favorite subject in school was Social Studies.
19. Cutting my hair last year gave me an extra boost of confidence.
20. I will try anything once.
21. I've been told that I'm wise beyond my years.
22. I love being an Auntie to my Nephew Julian!
23. I wish I would've pursued my Fashion Merchandising Degree

24. I took cooking classes in high school!
25. When I found I was going to New York  I blasted U2 City of Blinding Lights and Taylor Swift " Welcome To New York"
26. Planning= ME
27.I'm looking forward to having two or three kids!
28. I'm looking forward to moving out and getting married to my love next year!

I want to Thank you all for the love and support on my birthday, it meant so much. I can't wait to see what this year of 28 brings!



Same Fit Plus More: Carrie Bradshaw Edition 2

If you’re just joining me for this during this post CLICK HERE to check out the previous post. Now, this look was so much fun to put together. While I was searching for my next look for this segment, I needed another signature Carrie Bradshaw look. When any fashionista thinks of a Tulle Skirt, they may think of Carrie Bradshaw.   Carrie Bradshaw wasn’t afraid of taking a risk when it came to fashion. Some may think her looks were questionable but I beg to differ.  Which is why I am choosing this look for my second look. 

Don’t shy away from rocking a tulle skirt if you’re plus size or any size. I think they’re perfect for any woman to style. I was a bit questionable about pairing it with the blazer but it the look came out perfect.  I loved that I was able to recreate this look with pieces that I already have in my closet. 

Stay tuned for part three of three to come!


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