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Flavors of The Week : 2/19

   Good Saturday Morning! I'm so happy that we've made it through this short work week. Being that we had Monday off, I can say this week wasn't that bad. I'm waking up today with a full plate of blogger fun and preparing for Sushi tonight with my love. But during this week,  I found inspiration for upcoming projects  for my blog and life in general. Here are just a few"

Check out my previous blog post on how we should continue to evolve throughout life.

Is it too early for me to start my Spring Shopping? I mean started shopping for Spring at the beginning of the month. But with my local weather, you don't know if you're going to get Winter or Spring.  But anywho here are a few items that have caught my Style Eye:

Forever 21|Eloquii| H&M |Torrid

T.V. Shows

Lately, I've been catching So Cosmo on E which is behind the scenes show on how Cosmopolitan Magazine is running. I've always wanted to work for a magazine even if I didn't write for the company. I love being behind the scenes especially anything involving Fashion. If you haven't watched the show you definitely check it out on Wednesday at 9pm on E!


I'm on my 8th week of this semester with 3 left and I can't wait to reach week 11! I'm trying to maintain read my school books and writing papers along with discussion questions. But I find time to squeeze in blogging and reading a good book. I'm currently reading:

I'm hoping to finish this book within this next month and pick up a new book to read.

I went back to using my favorite natural hair product last week. I haven't this product for about two years now so I thought I'd give a go again and I'm glad I did. I'll have a video up soon up on YouTube Channel.

Pinterest Pin of the Week:



Lip Sense Review

Who doesn't love to try out new lip colors?  Well I got a chance to try out LIPSENSE which has become the last rant and rave on social media. I wanted to share my honest review on this product in the video below. 

I really did enjoy using this product and recommend trying it out for yourself. LIPSENSE products are also non-transferable  which one of the great parts of this product that I forgot to mention in this video. 




Lifestyle: Keep Evolving

  I have to admit this past weekend getaway was well needed. My love Timothy and I headed to Rock Hill, South Carolina for the weekend. But we spent the majority of the time in Charlotte. We drove around the city, ate good food (we need a detox) and did a little retail therapy. But most of all I gained much-needed inspiration to help with the creative process.



Spring Ahead Style

  With Spring  on the way, it brings a transition into new items in your wardrobe. Next to Fall, Spring has to be my favorite season. I've started picking up a few pieces for Spring and there are a few trends that I personally noticed while shopping and window shopping.

Who would've known that embroidery pieces would be the latest thing? Honestly, I didn't!  I've seen patches on clothing while shopping back in Fall and saw a few embroidery pieces as well. From what I've seen so far I'm actually loving this trend:

Bold Prints
I'm a huge fan of printed pieces rather they be minimal or bold. Prints perfect for mix and matching with other prints. Wearing stripes has to be one of my favorite prints but this season, stay out on the look for tropical and fun prints.

Pleated Skirts
There is no way that I could forget to mention pleated skirts. I love how the wind allows these skirts to flow so freely and the best part about these skirts are I find the majority of them at thrift-stores.

All Over Florals
It wouldn't be Spring without florals right?! But this Spring we're going BOLDER and more Florals. Its like we're going to be wearing our bold and vibrant garden on our clothing. Don't be afraid to mix this print with other prints

Pastels always remind me of my Easter Dresses when I was younger. These colors are just so soft and flirty. My favorite color of the pastels would have to the blush pink but this year it's new name is Pale Dogwood.

Remember not to be a slave to trends but wear what works for you. Wear what you love and love what your wear. I'm really looking forward to Spring and I can't  wait to share how I style some of these trends for the season.

Until next time,



Parisian Inspired Valentine's Day Look

My dream vacation is to visit Paris and do Parisian things. But until then I'll add Parisian style in to my wardrobe. I love the fact the Parisian fashion is very minimal but chic at the same time. Finding pieces in my wardrobe for this look was very simple.

For Valentine's Day
 My last look aimed towards  the night out and day. But with look you can go from breakfast, brunch or even lunch. I love the simplicity of this look and if you wanted to add heels to this look it would work out fine. My secret to styling the perfect outfit is to use pieces in your wardrobe that you wouldn't normally use. For example this red as a purse but in actuality its a travel makeup purse. Always be willing to step out of the box when it comes to your style.

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