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What's On Our Registry

Choosing items for our Registry was one of the many fun things to do during this journey. But when I was choosing items I had to make sure they were functional and we actually had the room for them. When  I first created my list, I added so many items on there. But during our engagement, I was able to mark off so many things. Right now our list I have a few items that would be very beneficial. I do have a few high ticket items on the list but other items are a bit more practical.

If you're getting married soon below you can see a few items that we've added to our list. I do suggest adding items that you would like to be gifted . If you're not into gifts then you can create a honeymoon fund or anytime of fund for you and your spouse.



Friday Favorites


I couldn't pass up another Friday and not share my favorites for the week. I've been in the dumps lately trying to balance everything. But completing this blogpost has me feeling great. Last week was my Bach Weekend and I used the majority of the item listed during my weekend.  I had THE best time of my life and You can read all about HERE!

This weekend I plan on adding few new things to our place and working on some content for the blog. I've been looking to working on home decor content and holiday content. I also need to work on updating my Wedding Content. Next Week will be 30 days away from the big day. I'll share updates next  Wednesday!  

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A Brand New Beginning


Hey ya'll it's been a while since I've blogged but I'm here! I've been MIA because Timothy and I finally moved into our place. We're so excited about our new journey together. As of right now, we're  still adjusting to new routines and living together but it has been such a blessing. We both have come up with routines like for example Wednesday's are our mid week cleaning days. Which means on Saturdays we won't have much cleaning to do.

Just about everything is unpacked, I had the most stuff to unpack because I had more space at my Dad's and I have accumulated so much stuff over the years. We're currently looking for the perfect dresser and a way to organize our closet. But for the most part our bedroom is coming together. At least my side of the bedroom, we're still working Timothy's side of the bedroom. I'm also looking for  what we  should hang above our bed and if we need another mirror. I can't wait to share the final product of our room.

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Hostess With The Mostess

This past weekend we hosted few family members and it was  a lot fun. I couldn't wait to pull out my serving dishes and whip up some Buffalo chicken Dip. That has become my signature dish and it didn't last long through out the day. I enjoyed cooking but honey I'm going to get really friendly with our dishwasher.   

 I'm looking forward for what's to come for us both. I can't wait to decorate for the upcoming holidays. I already asked Timothy if we're getting a real Christmas Tree. You should've seen the look he gave me, so I think we're going with an artificial tree. We've already made some memories and I can't wait to make more. I'll share more updates as we things settled in.

Until Next Time,

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5 Go To Local Coffee Shops To Try

If you've been following me for some time now you know my love for coffee runs pretty deep. I try my best to visit local coffee shops to support small businesses. I spend so much money on Starbucks why not share the wealth with local coffee spots.

1.Orange Spot Coffee Shop: Iced Vanilla Latte & 
North Charleston, South Carolina

This coffee shop is in the heart of Downtown North Charleston. They moved to a new spot last year and I love the new place. This space is perfect for sipping on coffee with friends, getting work done or even getting your cup of coffee to go. Not only do they have a great selection of coffee you have to try their sausage and pepper quiche.

2. The Rise: Iced Caramel Macchiato
 Downtown Charleston, South Carolina
Lavish Moments Photography 

I love everything about this coffee shop. I even had a photo shoot here with the Kristen of Lavish Moments Photography. The employees are so nice and give you what you ask for. I wanted an Iced Caramel Macihatto similar to the one at Starbucks. The barista did just that with no problem. The prices are reasonable the location is perfect.

3. BKED: Coffee & Doughnuts
Downtown Charleston, South Carolina

After drooling over their yummy Instagram photos I got a chance to visit this shop.  Not only is their coffee good but the doughnuts are so good as well.  My favorite doughnut is the strawberry glazed doughnut. I ended up ordering and Iced coffee with caramel syrup.

4.Gala Desserts
Location: West Ashley 

I found out about this spot last year during a birthday celeberation and I've been hooked since. Not only do they have yummy coffee but they have happy daily from 5 to  7. My go to drink is their caramel latte iced or hot and  Party Punch  Beverage. My favorite dish is the sausage and cheese cassarole.

5. Cafe Frombise
Location: Downtown, Charleston
After stalking this place and saying I want to visit this place, it finally happend.  This place is Parisian inspired and I love it. My dream vacation is to visit Paris, France and this resturant gives me a little piece of  Paris.   They're menu has a wide range of options of coffee, food, wine and desserts.
 My choice was : Iced Caramel Macchitto and The Ham and Cheese Quiche with a Cafe Side Salad

So what are you waiting on? If you haven't visited these local coffee spots I hope you get a chance to. There are so many other local coffee shops here in the area. Stay tuned on my Instagram to see what other coffee spots I try out.

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