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July Recap

Well what do you know August will be here tomorrow! This year is flying by so fast and there so much happening in the next few months. But I want recap the month of July, it went by so quick. I felt like July 4th was yesterday and I was shooting fireworks with my family. This month I was participating in the Mattie James Blogging Challenge. We had to blog for 20 DAYS, Monday - Friday. I will say it was a challenge but here we are on the last day of the challenge.  I was able to gain a different perspective on blogging.

-Keep planning ahead of time
-If I  feel burned out take a break and its okay
-Do what works for me and my blog

After today I created a schedule for my blogpost  and other content. There's no way I could blog everyday but I will have a set schedule for blog post in the future.

My Favorite Outfits of the Month

This upcoming month will be different from my previous years. I would be getting ready for school and getting my wardrobe ready. But as of right now we don't know what the school year holds. Next month I'll have to start purging and packing because I'm making a big move with Timothy in September. We're definitely excited for the next chapter that we're about to take on in our lives. I pray that this month has given you clarity, peace, love, strength  and new skills. We're entering a new month and I also pray you accomplish everything you set your mind to.

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Home Decor Inspo

In a month or two Timothy and I will be moving in together. We're so excited but nervous at the sometime. It's kind of crazy because I can remember back in April when first started looking we said around August or September we would move into our place. I wanted to have a place set in stone before all the wedding festive such as the bridal shower, Bach trip and the big. I thank God because it seems as if thing are coming full circle for us both. If you only knew our story you'd be just as happy as we are. Over the years I've been living with my dad and I've been purchasing home decor items. I literally  haves BOXES of home items that I've been saving up for the big day.

After doing endless research of home decor, I found my style for our home. I've been lucky to find some pieces ahead of moving but I want save some pieces for our registry and once we get moved in.

Where I shopped :

Now that we've found our space, I created a vision board for our bedroom, living room, kitchen and office space.

My home style: Modern, Boho, Glam

Bedroom Goals

Living Room 





Happy National Lipstick Day

Happy National Lipstick Day!  What are your favorite lipstick shades?  What is your favorite lipstick finish? I'm a big fan of bold, pigmented, vibrant and matte lip colors. I've tried just about every brand of lipstick over the years and I found my go to brands. You don't have to break the bank to have the perfect lipstick shade. I love brands like Wet n Wild, Kat Von D, MAC, NARS, Sephora, Avon, Anastasia of Beverly Hills just to name a few.

I do want to remind you to make sure that you keep you lips moisturized outside of wearing lipstick.  Before applying my makeup I'm sure to apply some type of moisturizer so it can set in by the time I apply my lipstick.

For the perfect lip application I blot concealer over my lips because it gives off a flawless finish. Also don't forget to add a  the perfect lip liner. If you want to see my favorite lip color

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My Teacher Style and E-Book

 If you didn't know I am a Kindergarten Teacher Assistant and I love looking cute I the classroom. I'm Entering my 5th year and I'm a littler nervous about what's to come for the school year. Officials have suggested to pushing the start date back to September 8th instead of August. But it's still up in the air about in-person teaching  because of the numbers.

If we have to go in person I will be ready be in style but nervous at the same time. To take away some of the anxiety I created a video on Tik Tok " Teacher Style Edition". I share 7 different looks based off of 7 different categories.

Last year I also created an E-Book Based on my tips of creating my wardrobe for work. I give you tips on creating a basic wardrobe so you can build off of year round.

1. My Favorite Teacher Outfit
This happens to be my go to look for work. I have so many pairs of pants like these because they can either be dressed up or dressed down.

2. Trendy Teacher Outfit
Every now and then I will rock a dress with flats. But most of the time I'll be rocking them with sneakers. I have style and comfort for the day at work. 

3. A Look I Didn't Get To Wear
Sadly due to COVID our school got cut short  and this one outfit I didn't get to wear.  This jumpsuit would've been so cute to wear to work. This is one way I would've styled it.

4. Comfy Teacher Look
This is one look that is so comfy, from the top to the bottom. These pants are too tight or too loose.

5. How To Style A Teacher Pun T-Shirt
I absolute love Teacher Pun T-shirts and believe me this is just one way that I would style one.

6. My Favorite Dress (This Was Hard)
I had to narrow it down to this dress because this one is favorite. There are so many ways you can rock dresses to work.

7.Rolling Out Of Bed
Let me just say this I will put on leggings or jeggings in a minute if I have to roll out of bed. Can't forget my cardigan as well. 

As I stated before who knows what the school year will hold but my wardrobe will be ready. Check out my previous Teacher Style Post Below

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How Am I Staying Active During The Summer

Happy Monday! I'll call today Motivation Monday because I've been motivated to continue my fitness journey. I want to get back in the gym but honestly I don't feel safe to go. One way I would stay active would be swimming but I'm still a little weary about going to the community pool. So I've found other ways to stay active this summer.

 Thanks to the team at Planet Fitness, they're still hosting Home Work ins  as part of their United We Move Campaign.  on their Facebook Page you can find  LIVE workouts at 7pm Monday - Friday. If you miss the live stream of course you can go back and watch it on their Facebook page but you can also watch it on Youtube. For me I love watching the workouts on YouTube because I can stream it on my T.V.  I mean   this whole movement is so convient.

I've also been on the hunt for  a waist trainer that will fit me perfectly for my workouts. After so many recommendations I went with Sweet Sweat on Amazon. They go up to a 2xl and its fits perfect for me. I read the reviews and I was going to size down but I stuck with the 2xl. I'm a 22/24 in size and it's still a little loose on me.  Along with the waist trainer I purchased the Workout Enhancer and honey it does it's J-O-B.

I want to incorporate walking in to routine but it's beens sooo hot lately that I've just been staying in the house. If I'm not up by 6am or out walking around 8pm, I'm out of luck . This week I'm going to push myself pass my comfort zone with my work outs and eating habits. To follow my journey, I'll sharing updates on IG.

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