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I Shopped The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Over the summer I gave in and shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Before shopping at Nordstrom I wasn't aware of all the different brands that they carry. I made a decision that if I was going to purchase anything, to make sure that it would be beneficial in my closet.  There were so many items that I wanted to purchase. But I was able to narrow it down to just two items.  After stalking the website, adding and removing things in my cart I picked these two items

1.Vince Camuto Houndstooth Drape

I needed to add more prints to my wardrobe and this is just perfect. There are so many ways that I can style this drape. With jeans,  a dress, leggings and a long sleeve top. I mean the list can go on and on when it comes to styling this piece.

2.BP Ballon Sleeve Sweater

With this sweater, it was such a hard decision because of the color options. I love that this sweater is bold and comfortable and I can't wait to rock it when it cools down.



Own Who You Are

Yes, it’s still me but I made a big change! I decided to try something new with my hair. Every year around this time I make a change with my hair such as a new color or new style. But this time around I needed some DIFFERENT.  I mean I cut my hair before but not this short. To me cutting my hair meant cutting of dead ends and letting go of a lot of things.  It was like my hair was my comfort blanket. The days before my haircut I took a social media break to clear my mind.  I didn't tell many people I was cutting my hair because I feel they would talk me out of it because of their expectations of my hair. But this was a decision I had to make for me. 

"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life." -Coco Chanel 

A few weeks back blogger Kryzada passed away and I’ll be honest it bothered me so much. Because here I am worrying about what should’ve, could’ve would’ve happened. Why this person is acting this way and why this hasn’t happened? This beautiful soul fought to the very end of her life. She continued to do what she loved despite her situation.  So why couldn’t I do the same? Why couldn’t I let of the things I can’t change? WHY AM I WORRYING ABOUT PEOPLE WHO COULD CARELESS ABOUT ME?  Just move on…..

Owning Who You Are means accepting who you are right in your current situation.
Knowing that you have the POWER to change, grow, evolve every chance you get.
You don’t have to conform to standards that the world has set. Taking responsibility for your actions and taking control of your life.  Being able to check yourself and say “Hey um what are we doing here “ or “ Am I being the toxic person.”  Be real with yourself…. This past week I found myself speaking positive things and giving myself compliments. 

"I know for sure that only owning who and what you are can step into the fullness of life."
- Oprah Winfrey

I encourage you to own where you are in life and who you are. No matter what situation you're in because it's all apart of the journey that you're on. 

With Love,



One Dress Two Styles: Game Day Edition

Hey guys, if you didn't know already I am a big football fan. My college football team is Clemson and NFL Team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. I don't normally get a chance to attend a college football game but when I do the first thing that comes to mind is "What Am I Wearing?". Thanks to Escapada Living for sending me this dress to share some inspiration for the game day.

Escapada is a local boutique that is known for their bold and colorful prints.  Escapada has a collection selected for Clemson and The University of South Carolina fans.  Check it out here! If I'm wearing a dress to wear for a game, of course, it has to be stylish and very comfortable. The Charleston dress can be styled in so many ways for the game day.


I'm a big fan of a dress with sneakers. If you know you're going to be doing a lot of walking or standing this dress look is perfect.  Paired with a jacket for the weather and to give it a sporty look.


This happens to be a staple look for game day, especially in the South. Adding this vest and booties gives this look a feminine take on Fall and gameday.

Until Next Time,



Soul Food Sessions & Coca Cola : The Table Is Set

Hey, guys, it's been a while since I tried a new recipe and brought it to the blog. I'm happy to be partnering with Soul Food Sessions and Coca-Cola Consolidated on this fun and delicious dish.



My Favorite Local Coffee Shops

Lavish Moments Photography 

If you've been following me for some time now you know my love for coffee runs pretty deep. I try my best to visit local coffee shops to support small businesses. I spend so much money on Starbucks why not share the wealth with local coffee spots.

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