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Trends To Try | Metallic Midi Skirt

I finally got the skirt that I've been wanting for the longest.  This skirt has been seen all over social media by bloggers, influencers and celebrities I even saw this trend in several magazines.  The metallic skirt comes in several different colors and can be worn in various styles. I wanted to style this with my sneakers and skirt trend first simply because rocking sneakers with a skirt or dress is my favorite. I also gained my inspiration from Pinterest just like I do for all of my outfits.If you've been following my blog for a while then you know I will have no problem re-styling this skirt.

Trend To Try Tips:

  • The holidays are on the way and this skirt will be perfect
  • If you aren't with sneakers and skirt trend pair this skirt with a booties, heels or flats
  • Instead of a graphic tee you can rock an oversized sweater or a nice blouse
  • Remember do what works for you!

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Blog Consultation

Did you miss the blog workshop? Are you still in need of help with launching your blog? I'm now offering 1 on 1  blog consultations. I would love to help you launch your blog or even if you want to learn more about blogging. This 1 on 1 consultation will help you understand more about blogging and how to start your blog.

1 on 1 Consultation:
Duration: 1hr
Price :$25
  • Speak on the basics of starting a blog
  • Understand more about blogging
  • Choosing the perfect niche  and platform for your blog

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Flourish Blog Workshops

Photography By:Aneris Photography

In case you didn't know I recently hosted a blog workshop alongside  with some amazing local creatives and girl bosses.  I've had my mind on having this event for sometime now and it finally came to life. I've seen so many amazing events happen similar to this one in different cities and I felt we needed more events here in the area. I also felt the need to share the information I've learned as blogger and help others who want to start a blog.

This first workshop will be the first of many and I can't wait to roll out another one. On Friday night we spent a few hours at Cannonborough Collective for a quick mixer. I got a chance to meet some of the attendees, sip on some wine and just get to know each other.

Saturday was the big day that I've been waiting for  and lets say I was excited and nervous at the same time. I remember sitting at work back in April jotting down all these amazing ideas and at 8:00 am it was all about to unfold.   First off the venue was amazing, The Grant Charleston allowed me to host the workshop there. With great southern hospitality and such a beautiful venue. If you're looking to host an event or have a small intimate wedding contact The Grant Charleston you won't be disappointed.

Once everything started to flow I felt like I could finally breathe. I gave my spill on what I learned as a blogger with a few tips and tricks.

It was time for  Erin Phillips of the Pinckney Palm gave tips on Content Planning and Social Media Management. I love her work ethic as a mom, blogger and girlboss. She currently runs Pinckney Palm a Social Media Management Boutique. Need help with figuring out content for your social media contact her HERE!

Up next was Liz Martin of The Charleston Weekender and part owner of Cannonborough Collective. Liz has been in my circle now for the past two years. She shared her tips on Instagram and a few photography tips for take photos with your iPhone. She does offer Instagram Classes as well so if you're looking for some extra help Click Here!

We took a quick break and enjoyed lunch catered by my boyfriends mom! This food was so good, we enjoyed a low country cuisine Shrimp and Grits. She worked so hard to make sure that everything was covered for my food for the mixer and the workshop on Saturday.

After enjoying lunch a catching a quick break we enjoyed listening to Saprina Nickelson give tips on how to monetize your blog, marketing your blog and more. She shared some much knowledge that I had no choice but jot  down notes during the presentation. Saprina is the owner of SheHustlesCreative where she helps clients with marketing, hashtags, branding and much more. Want to know more about her services Click Here

My goal of the workshop was to have the speakers share in the order of how I would plan my blog post. So the last speaker was photographer Sirena White of Aneris Photography. She has amazing skills behind the lenses and gave great tips on photography and more. I loved that she gave a live demonstration of flat lays for her upcoming class.

At the end of the workshop I was blown away by how everything turned out. I felt like I could finally breathe and was well. I can only imagine what's next for FlourishBlogWorkshops but for those of you who didn't get a chance to attend be on the lookout for the next workshop. Starting October 16th I'll be offering one on one blog consulting!

Photography By:Aneris Photography

Photography By:Aneris Photography 

Photography By:Aneris Photography

Photography By:Aneris Photography

Photography By:Aneris Photography

I want to thank everyone who played a major role in making this weekend happen. This meant so much to me and I hope you all took something from the workshop! If you missed the workshop I'll be offering one on one blog consultations starting Monday October 16th! Stay tuned for more details!

Photography By:Aneris Photography

Ready Set Flourish,


A Causal Fall Transition

I'll admit I'm patiently waiting to feel some nice Fall Weather. We got a taste of it two weekends ago but we're back to the humid summer weather. I want to share my latest Fall outfits but I would feel crazy being dressed up in boots in a sweater and its humid 89 degree weather. Instead I'll just share a few looks that will transition you into Fall Weather.

So you're probably wondering how can you transition into Fall outfits, right? Well I tired this simple jeans and t-shirt look with a light weight cardigan. I have no problem rocking jeans and a t-shirt but to complete your look add a few statement pieces. My cardigan is actually apart of a three piece set that I purchased from Rebdolls. A light weight cardigan is perfect for days that aren't too cold or too warm.  I also love that this cardigan is a duster as well.  I found this simple t-shirt at Target  for $8 by Ava & Viv because honestly a girl can never have too many t-shirts in her wardrobe. I paired it with these ripped jeans for an edgy look.

 But you know what's the best thing about this look, I can re-style it again. I'll most likely wear this look with a pair of boots, add a scarf to keep me warm and maybe even change the jeans. I love being able to re-style pieces in my wardrobe and sharing new looks. Style and Fashion is all about what you make it and have fun doing it. I can't wait until we have some Fall Weather so we can pull out our boots and rock full Fall attire.

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Let’s just say I’ve been planning this outfit for a long time. When I planned my Fall Look book this outfit instantly came together. This look was inspired but the sleep wear trend that I’ve been seeing. Sleep robes, sexy tops and high-waisted pants.  I also wanted to give this mesh top a try because let’s be honest I’ve gone back and forth about it.   I thought to myself I’m practically wearing a top with my bra showing.  But I also think it’s how you wear a mesh top makes the look. I didn’t want it to be too revealing because I would hate for one of my students or their parents to stumble across my blog and say, “What the heck is she wearing?” But I do think this look came out good and not too revealing.  

I like that I could create one look with one several other pieces in my closet. These pants came together with two other pieces from Rebdolls. I love shopping their because you can get a lot of bang for your buck. They sell basic pieces that you can dress up with other items in your closet. As for my kimono robe, I picked it up from It’s Fashion for $10. The kimono trend was major during the Spring and Summer but I couldn’t see myself wearing in the heat. But I bought it and saved it for Fall. 

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