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What's In My Beach Bag

It's officially Summer and I've already marked off my first beach trip of the Summer! Ofcourse I'll be heading back to the beach again and also to the pool in my neigborhood. But before heading to the beach there are a few things that I NEED to be in my bag to be functional at the beach or the pool.

1. Beach Bag

Of course you need a bag but I need a bag that I could pack of my essentials. This bag is from Forever 21 and it's perfect for all of my things and it's easy to carry around. Did I mention how cute it  is and it went with one of my many swimsuits for the summer.

2.Water Tumblr

Just incase I don't bring a cooler this water bottle is perfect. I recieved this as a gift from one of kids at work. I love that this water bottle keeps my water cold for 8 hrs. So that means no matter how hot it is on the beach I will have some cold h2o on the beach.

3. Sun screeen
Let's debunk the myth that African American's don't need suncreen! Because we DO!  We need sunscreen just as the next.

4. Magazine or Book
If I don't have a good book to read most likely I'll bring a magazine to indulge in during my trip to the beach or the pool.

5. Makeup Bag
NO there isn't nay makeup in here but I did put my sunscreen, chapstick, sanitizer and lotion in it.

6. Speaker
This perfect for some music while you enjoy the waves and the wind. I have a playlist that is perfect for the beach and you can check it out here.

7.Blanket or Turkish Towel

I love this turkish towel I recieved from the Charleston Weekender a few years ago. These turkish towels are perfect for the beach if you don't want to use your towel to layout on.

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Friday OOTD| Facing Fashion Fears & A Midi Skirt

I vowed that I would not cover up my arms this Summer. Yes, this is my biggest insecurity! I would always bring a sweater or jacket to cover up my arms. EVEN IN THE HEAT, I would do it. But yesterday it felt so freeing to wear this outfit without a security blanket. When I left the house I said to myself "Girl you are really leaving the house without a jacket or cardigan?"

Clearly, everything turned out fine! I let go of that fear and enjoyed my day out to a little shopping and lunch. But can we talk about this midi skirt too! This is another piece from Universal Thread at Target. Midi skirts are a major staple in my wardrobe and pairing it with this tank top was just perfect.  I added tank tops to my wardrobe staples as well. This tank top too is a piece from Target from the Ava & Viv collection.

This summer I  want you to at least try a trend or face a fashion fear. Show your arms, legs, go strapless, wear those shorts etc. Face your fashion fears and be free!

You are your only limit!

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I Gave Universal Denim A Try

I'm a little late to the denim party but fashionably late!  I went shopping at Target and I was looking to give Universal Denim a try. This brand is exclusively for Target and yes they carry plus sizes online and depending on your location in stores.  I was looking for another store option to carry denim and I've heard good things about this brand so I gave it a try. 

I was looking for a light washed denim that I could rock during the Spring and Summer. That wouldn't be too tight or sticking to me during the hots days of summer.  The detail was another reason why I purchased these jeans. The frayed detail on these jeans just screamed Spring and Summer Style.

If you're struggling with denim options, be sure to give Universal Thread a try. I did size up because I didn't know how they would fit.

Outfit Details
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Blazer: A New Day Target ( Sold Out)
Purse: Kate Spade  ( Thrifted)
Shoes: Payless
Sunglasses: Lane Bryant



Monday Motivation| Let's Talk About It

Last week Tuesday the fashion world lost an amazing icon, Kate Spade. I must say I was truly hurt by what had happened to her. I remember stumbling across Kate Spade back in 2013 while spending all night Pinning on Pinterest. I was looking for Great Gatsby (my favorite book) quotes and her items somehow popped into the feed. From there I fell in love with her brand.  I love everything about her brand, it was bold, classic, timeless and I could relate. I think anyone who loved her brand could relate.

All across social media, I see the lives that she had touched. I'm pretty sure she'd be amazed by the loved she received but maybe that wasn't enough. It said that she had well enough of 200 stores around the world. You would think she'd be happy but seems like she was dealing with more personal issues.

                 "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind."

 I hope her situation opened the eyes of many people. I hope it showed you that no money, fame or success can or will complete you. If you need help or therapy then sign up and go. I know in the black community mental illness or therapy is like TABOO. But honey God put these doctors and therapist here for a reason. You should check on your friends and family because you never know what they are going through. Even if it's a simple hello or stopping by to see them. That one small gesture can make a big change!

Don't be fooled by what you see on social media and or compare your life to someone else because it looks GOOD. You never know what they are facing personally. Don't get caught up the hype of you have to have this or that because that's what society says. Take your time because what's yours will always be yours

I know many people think what happened to Kate as selfish or why should we care. But maybe, just maybe someone you know is the same position Kate was in and you don't even know. Don't turn your head because you didn't know her or she was a celebrity. Because this could easily hit home for you.

With that being said take care of yourself, BREATHE, talk to someone, help someone, hug someone, love on someone and live your life!

"She leaves a little sparkle everywhere she goes." -Kate Spade



OOTD| Tribal Jumpsuit

Happy Friday! Yesterday I ran a few errands and before leaving the house I had to figure out what I wanted to wear. I was tired of wearing the same thing so I looked on my clothing rack and found this jumpsuit. I was going to wait to rock this jumpsuit but I wanted to give it a test run.

If you didn't know, I wasn't alway a fan of jumpsuits read my post on why right here! I also added this vest to the jumpsuit to give a boho look but I eventually took it off to show off my arms.Thank you so much to Woman Within for this jumpsuit. You can shop it here in another color as well.

Vest: Rue 21 (2016) | Jumpsuit: Woman Within| Sandals: Lane Bryant

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