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The Perfect One-Piece You Need This Summer

Not everyone feels comfortable wearing a two-piece swimsuit to the pool or beach. But that doesn't mean your one-piece has to be boring. When I am looking for a swimsuit the most important thing I'm looking for is support. I've been shopping Cacique by Lane Bryant Swimsuits for the past two years now.

This one-piece has to be one for of my favorites. What sold me is the back detailing and the color.
I was happy to take this swimsuit on my vacation two weeks ago and it was perfect.   It wasn't too tight and my girls sat up in there just right. It's not too late shop swimwear for Summer, vacation or any place where it's warm.



Weekend Recap: Orlando Florida

I'm still feeling good from the vacation I went on last week. If you weren't following my fun on my Instagram, last week I headed to Orlando, Florida. My fiance',  Oldest Brother, Best- friend(sis-in-law) and nephew headed down to see our brother who lives in Orlando with his fiance.

We hopped on the road Wednesday evening and arrived around 9:00pm that night. I felt like a little kid seeing all the Disney signs around the city. I couldn't wait to go to sleep and celebrate 4th of July in another city.

My brother woke up early and grilled some yummy food for us. We then headed to Cocoa Beach for the day. I've never been to Cocoa Beach but I've always seen the signs riding through Florida. My brother set up the tent and we relaxed, played corn-hole, and caught up on some of our daily lives.

On Friday it felt good to sleep in and not wake up to an alarm. My brother's Fiance whipped us up some breakfast and we played around until about 1:00.  Once we got dressed we headed to the Outlets but it was a bit too hot. But before we headed out I did get a chance to stop by the Kate Spade  Outlet. Picked up a new phone case for $10. I couldn't leave the store without that kind of deal. We continued our shopping journey to the Florida Mall. Once we were all tired of shopping we headed back to get changed for a night out at Disney Springs.

This too was my first time a Disney Springs.  We didn't have a chance to go to any theme parks this time around, so this was close enough. We ate dinner at the Boathouse and danced during the street party.

Our last full day in Orlando was so relaxing. We chilled out by the pool and ate food that Aja's mom Prepared.  We devoured  Fish Cakes, Rice and Peas, Plantains, Rasta Pasta, Salad, Fried Shrimp and Jerk Chicken. It was soo good and I know I put on a pound or two. I also used this chance to take some cool photos of my brother, fiance and myself.

Before hitting the road on Sunday we all stopped by one of Orlando's favorite restaurant for Breakfast. Keke's Breakfast Cafe and it was so good. I had a hard decision to make for breakfast so I went with French Toast and sausage.

Overall this trip was what I needed. The last few months have been really bumpy and that trip was what I needed. I was so glad to see my brother and his fiance. I think our next trip back to Orlando, we will definitely be headed to a theme park.

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Getting Out of The Creative Funk

It's a new month and I'm happy to say that I'm out of the creative funk that I've been in. On this journey of blogging, find myself getting stuck. I feel that this happens because its a need to take things to another level of than before. What worked for me and blog my two years ago may not work for me now.   I learned that businesses must evolve with the time to stay relevant or you can fall by the waist side.

I'm not saying that you have to change everything about you or change your ethics or morals. But you have to elevate your thinking.  Change your strategies, trial, and error. For me I had to change my strategies, blog topics, find new ways to bring in income from my brand, etc.  By doing that I felt as if I was slowly coming out of the funk I was in.  I also had to remind myself that....


In order to make these new strategies work, I need to be consistent. I remember trying a new strategy back in March and saw that my Instagram grew tremendously. That is more than enough proof that I was doing something right when it came to my strategies. Here is to challegning myself to take it to the next level and challeging you as well.

Photos: a_taylor_viewed



Travel Essentials

I'll be headed to Orlando this tomorrow for a vacation with my fiance, brothers, sister in law(best friend), future sister in law and my nephew. I know this will be one of the best Summer Vacations I've had in a while.  To make this the perfect trip I have a few things I bring with me to make this trip worthwhile. 

  • Camera
  • Tote Bag- 
  • Crossbodies
  • Sunglasses
  • Roller Ball Scents
  • Sneakers
  • Hat
  • 4 Different Lip Colors
  • I-Pad

Every trip varies so since I'm headed somewhere warm, I'm going to pack my swimsuits for this trip. I purchased a new one specifically for this trip (HERE).  Stay tuned for what I wore on this trip in the upcoming weeks.

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Cacique by Lane Bryant Edit

Hey, ya'll! Last night I shared some information about what I picked up from Cacique by Lane Bryant while at work.  I also let some of you know that I would be sharing some of my picks from Lane Bryant's  Bra Collection. If you didn't know that Lane Bryant sold bras well now you do. From sizes B to a K cup and I'm glad I found my perfect fit. If you never purchased a bra by Cacique make sure you go in to get measured because of each style cuts differently.  Yes, I know you're saying " Girl Lane Bryant is too expensive..." Yes but QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!  I'd rather spend money on a good and supportive bra over one that doesn't have my girls in the right place.  I wear a 46 G and I find these bras to find me the best at Lane Bryant!

1. Balconette

I love this bra because for one it's very comfortable and supportive.  My girls look amazing in this bra and I don't have to worry about them spilling out.  This bra comes in two different styles:

Invisible Backsmoother Balconette 

This happens to a  favorite because of the back smoother. It's me and extra love in the back all together and smooths everything out.

Smooth Lightly Lined Balconette 

This style has the same features as the bra that  I mentioned up above but it doesn't have the same material as for back smoothing.

You'll receive medium coverage with this bra but you'll still be all together.

About this bra, it's EVERYTHING! I love that this bra gives me the extra coverage and I can still keep it sexy.  The full coverage bra comes in different styles as well so here are my two go to's. 

I don't like wearing bras to sleep BUT this bra gets a pass. These bralettes are perfect for sleep, lounging around the house, pairing under an outfit or even a quick run to the store.  I've tried many bralettes but they don't fit like these ones. The trick it to make sure you get your correct size or close to it. There are so many options to choose from. Being that I'm a 46 G I get the largest size in the Bralettes because they range from 14/17 to 26/28.

Shop Similar Bras ( Each link is an affiliate link, by clicking on each link with supporting me as a blogger)

Lightly Lined Longline Multi-Way Strapless Bra

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