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Bring On The Spring Style

  I feel like I can finally breathe now that this semester is over and it's officially Spring! I've been waiting to pull out this dress and cardigan to match since winter. Spring has always been my favorite season for various reasons. Warmer temperatures, floral prints, bright prints, Spring fashion overall and my birthday!

Spring is perfect weather to pull out your favorite dress and cardigan to match. Old Navy has become my favorite place to pick up dresses for every season. Their dresses are perfect for the days when you want to dress casual or even dress up for a date.

Please don't be surprised if you see this dress or cardigan again on the blog. I am a repeat style offendar and I'm not afraid to admit it. I find creativity in recreating outfits as you may know by now.

Outfit Details: Cardigan & Dress: Old Navy| Heels: Payless| Sunglasses: Windsor Store| Tote: Old Navy
Photography: Timothy Walker
I hope that you've received your dosage of Spring style inspiration because I'm just getting started. Remember that style has no limit and that you make your style!

Happy Spring!
Until Next Time,



#D.I.YMeetsFashion With A Load of Craft

Hey Loves! I stumbled upon this "Eyelash Tee" several times on Pinterest. But I could never purchase it because either my size wasn't available or it's too expensive. I want to find and alternative and reached out to D.I.Y blogger Meagan Kinney at A Load of Craft, her working is amazing. We decided to D.I.Y our own Mascara Tee and have brunch during this process. 

Here is a list of the supplies that you will need:

Supplies Not Mentioned:
 Hair Dryer
Cardboard or Old Giftbags 
If you're curvy, I prefer you pick up a men's t-shirt for more room. I find that some women's t-shirts can be a little tight.

Written By: Megan of A Load of Craft.

1.        The first thing we did (besides pouring mimosas) was to print off the eyelash stencil.  I basically enlarged the eyelashes from the shirt above and printed them off. Sadly I do not have a Cricket or Silhouette machine so I freehand everything.

2.        Try on your shirt first to get an idea of where you want the lashes place. . . . the last thing you want is to have them crooked or too high or low for your girls. 
3.        Place shirt on a flat surface and tape off the edges of the stencil onto the shirt. 

4.        Before you start to paint you want to make sure the paint doesn’t bleed to the back of your shirt. This is where the cardboard/gift bag comes in; place it inside the shirt under the stencil placement. 

5.        Start painting! Since our stencils were just paper and not decals you need to make sure to paint AWAY from the edges. Also, the paint acts as a sticky surface itself to keep the little lashes to stay down and stick to the shirt. If you have a few spots of white that is perfect for the aged and distressed look. 

6.        Use your hairdryer on the cool setting to dry the paint, I was surprised how quickly the shirts dried, took maybe 5-7 min tops. 

7.        Moment of truth . . . peeling off the stencils. Yall I’m not gonna lie, I was REALLY worried about using flimsy paper with paint on fabric. But Oh my lanta it came out PERFECT!!!! 

After our shirts were dried we decided to finish up our brunch and have photo shoot with our shirts. 

This is only the beginning for Megan and I. We have so much in store when it comes to our new segment #DIYMeetsFashion and we can't wait to share. Stay tuned for what's ahead, until then cheers 



Fashion & Interior Design Collide at CSOL Showhouse Press Party

        This past Wednesday I got a chance to attend the CSOL Showhouse Preview Party. This event is 40 years in the making and happens during Charleston Fashion Week. Each room in the house is designed my Interior Designers and has the perfect model to coordinate with the room.  My first time seeing a concept similar to this one was on So Cosmo and America's Next Top Model. I think this concept is so interesting and I'm glad I got a chance to experience this.

Before this event, I never would have known this beautiful house is where I pass plenty of times when I take  blog pictures.There were a totally of three floors in this house. The first floor was reserved for a boutique while the second and third floor was where we all got a chance to  tour each room.

Second Floor:

The  front porch had to be one of my many favorite designed rooms  in the house. This tropical print gives me so many vibes of wanting to be on the beach sipping on cocktails with my love. I just love who the pink and green make a very stylish combo.

Third Floor
 By the time I got to the third floor I honestly didn't know what else to expect. All the rooms on the second floor were just beautiful and  I couldn't wait to see what the third floor had to offer.

As you can see that  was on my top favorite of all the rooms in the house. I could honestly see my living room or home office looking similar to this decor. I loved all those colors and prints mixed in this room. Especially the ceiling  I would've never thought of painting my ceiling  with fun prints.

 This entire event is was so inspiring because next year I plan on getting my own place and I can look back on these pictures for inspiration.   I enjoyed this tour with local bloggers Erin of Attention To Darling and Cambron of Southern Sophisticate.

If you're local you should check out this event its opened daily until the 15th of April. Tickets are $25 at the door and I promise you that it's worth experiencing on your own.

Until Next time,



Style Essentials: Flat Out Fabulous

   This month I wanted to start sharing what makes up my wardrobe from head to toe. I want to share my style essentials and also give you a few tips on how to style them.

I think flats receive so much heat compared to heels. But honey I  can style a pair of flats from work wear to causal wear any day. Wearing flats can be so comfortable and there are various styles to choose from.  Growing up it was hard to find stylish shoes, but as I got older my mom would take me shopping and we would always head to Lane Bryant for shoes.  Lanes Bryant will always be my one stop shop for  chic and stylish flats. My other favorite stores to shop would be Torrid and Payless.

 How To Style Flats:

1. YES, you can rock colorful flats! Pair them with colors that contrast or go for a monochrome look.\

2.  All Mixed Up: DON'T be afraid to mix prints because rules are meant to be broken!

3. Denim + Cute Blouse + Flats = CHIC :  Dress up your denim with a fun pair of flats.

     Remember, you can still SLAY even in flats! A women of style can rock anything and make it her own.  Stay tuned for what I'll be featuring next!

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