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Athleta Private Party Recap


Last week I attended  a Private Party at Atletha and it was so much fun. My friend local content creator and taste influencer Telisha Taylor hosted a Private Party at  Athleta. Athleta now carries extended sizes in their stores. From small to 3x which is big for a curvy queen like me. Don’t worry we wore our mask during this party and partied safely.





I’m so glad we were able to try on some pieces because COVID most stores don’t allow you too. Lately. I’ve been obsessed with neutral  colors so I wanted to try out this nude set.  Giving the sports bra to match a try as well because I can’t afford to have my girl all over the place if I’m working out.










Overall we had such a great time, I felt like I was a blogger all over again. It’s been   a while since I’ve been to a blogger event in person.  I do plan on purchasing a few pieces for my birthday next month.



Boho Vibes With Kervology

My moto is " I never turn down a cute dress or coffee."  I mean who could turndown this cute dress. I was so excited to style this dress from  Kervology. The weather lately has been so gloomy and this is the perfect pop of color  I need. It gives me major spring and boho vibes.

If you haven't heard Kervology I mentioned this brand last week. I shared very cute 3 piece lingerie set that was perfect Valentine's Day! READ HERE   When I first ran across this brand online I had to follow them! I love what they have to offer curvy queens. It wasn't the same old cookie cutter clothing and not poorly fit pieces. I can tell the business takes her time to choose her pieces. 

Thanks to the team at Kervology for gifting me this beautiful dress and belt to go with. I didn't think it would pair well but once I put it on I fell in love with the whole look. Shop my dress HERE and my belt  HERE 

Until Next Time,



The Perfect Lingerie Set

With Valentine's Day around the corner I partner with Kervology to share this 3 piece lingerie set. I'm a big fan of sexy and comfy lingerie. This set is just what is needed not just for Valentine's Day night but to feel sexy in. 

If you've never heard of Kervology then you're missing out. Kervology is a plus-size boutique that inspires women to love every inch of yourself. They offer not only lingerie but dresses, tops, bottoms.etc.  They gifted me this cute 3 piece intimate set and I love it and so does my hubby. I think every woman should have a piece of lingerie their collection that makes themselves feel sexy.

Shop this set and all lingerie thru 2/14 and get 20% off with Code "BEMINE".

Until Next Time,



Valentine's Day Gifts For Him and Her

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner it’s the perfect time to think about what gifts to give him or her. This will be our first year as a married couple on Valentine’s Day and I want to make it special. I

’m always giving tips about myself so I thought I decided to share gifts with him too.

The first step to find the perfect gift is figure out things that they like and like to do. You don’t have to break the bank to do so. You can purchase a couple of items and make a nice basket

Gifts For Him:

Timothy’s style is very casual but he will clean up nice if he has too. He loves sneakers and playing video games. Not only does he like to look good but he also loves to smell good as well. If your spouse is like Timothy then I think these would be some great gifts for Him.

Shop The Goods

Gifts For Her:

Myself my style varies, I don’t like boxing myself into one style because I dress off how I feel. If I was to describe my style it would be trendy,feminine  boho and causal. I love perfume and all the girly stuff. Lipstick is a must especially matte or liquid to matte. I love writing in journals and drinking coffee. If this sounds like you then these would also be some great gifts for ya!

Shop The Goods



Weekly Recap


  1. Magazine Feature

This month started off great because my hubby and I were featured!  Our wedding and a  tid bit of our love story was featured in this month's Charleston Magazine.I think this was pretty cool to be featured to share our love during such crazy times.

  1. Self-Care

Last week I told myself I would dedicate the first 30mins or hour to myself when I  get home. That means no phone calls after work, no talking about work, just decompressing. I feel like when I come home I bring home the day. I just want to leave it when I step foot off campus.


This happens to be one of my favorite looks last week. It gives me spring vibes in such cold weather. I’m a  big fan of Spring so I can’t wait for a little bit of warmer weather.

4. Feta Pasta

Friday Night I gave in and cooked the famous Baked Feta Pasta from Tik Tok. It was a bit worried because I’m not a fan of Feta Cheese but it actually turned out great. 


Cherry  Tomatoes

Bowtie Noodles





Olive Oil

*Crushed red pepper flakes ( i added this on my own)

How To :

Watch These Videos for Details

5. Brunch

Saturday was the perfect day for brunch! Timothy and I try to get brunch every two weeks. We ventured over JohnKing Grill. We haven’t been there since 2017 and we had dinner. So we decided to grab brunch. 

I ordered :

Breakfast Burrito


Timothy Ordered

The Hangover Plate

We also shared a plat of French toast as well.

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