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Valentine's Day Inspired Looks

With Valentine's Day just a few days away you may be still looking for the perfect outfit to wear. Whether you're headed out with your love or just hanging out with the girls. I have a few looks that you can take into consideration for the day of love or even if you're celebrating this weekend. 








3 Steps You Can Take After Publishing Your Blogpost

Last week  I shared 5 Apps That I Use To Create Content and from the looks of it you guys loved it! So I'm going to keep up with my Tuesday Tips when it comes to content creating. Let's think about it what after you hit the Publish button to share your content what do you? Do you just sit back and watch your work magically work for you? Well just so you know, hitting the publish button isn't it, there's more to do after that. There are at least  3  steps you can take after your publish your content. These steps are beneficial to you becoming  a better blogger and taking your skills to the next level across the board on all platforms.

Promote & Share

When it comes to being a blogger or content creator there's more to just publishing your content. In order to get your content out to your audience, it's time to promote. Think, what social media sharing platforms are you using to share your content?  For me, I  use Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.  Remember when using those platforms, make sure your content promotion fits the platform.  Creating a Carousel of photos on IG won't work on Pinterest or Facebook.   We tend to rely on Instagram to promote our businesses, but remember that Instagram is another source to share your content. As we learned last year, Instagram can be shut down at any minute.

  • Promote as many times as you can. Ex. If I make a blogpost on Tuesday Morning and share it on my platforms that same day I tend to share those posts 4 times that week and 1 more time the next week just in case someone missed a post. 

How Did Your Post Do?

So you  hit publish, promoted your content, well how did you do?  To see how  well blogpost or content finished, you need to check your analytics. Here are a few things to look for : How many views did you get on your blog post? What platform drove your readers to your content? Need I say more, these are the type of questions can help you understand how well your post did. 
You can also get a better understanding of who your audience is. Instagram is has a good view of your analytics. Most of your platforms now have analytics for your post.  If you're comfortable complete a Poll on IG and ask your audience if they enjoyed that specific content.

  • I suggest checking your analytics a 2 to 4 days after your posting to see how well it did. This can also give you insight on how well that conent piece did and when you should post it.


Yes you can re-blog your blogpost! This is for your new readers and old readers to view your content. Also you may want to update your content to fit current situations.  One of the content pieces that I find myself re-blogging the most are my style content pieces.  Also, If you find yourself stuck with creating content,  re-blogging your old content  is a great way to gain your inspiration back.  Along re-blogging your post on your blog, be sure to promote this content on your other platforms.

  • Rebloging Ideas:  Valentine's Day is coming up and I plan on re-blogging my Valentine's Day Style post from last year. This way my new viewers can  read the post and I can add other pieces to the post as well.
  • How To Re-blog: You can ask your viewers to view the blogpost by searching for the Title or you can change the date on the blogpost to the date when you want to be reposted. 

I hope these tips were helpful for you! Just know that  hitting PUBLISH is half the battle. If you want to reach your audicence  and a newer auidence, you can't be afraid to go the extra mile. I can't wait to share what's next for Tuesday Tips.

Until Next Time,



5 Apps That I Used In 2019 To Create Content

2019 was such a year when it came to creating content for my platforms. I used several different apps this year that made my content more appealing.  I was looking to take my content to the next level and with these apps, I was able to do so. From Instastory Templates, Presets, Videos, E-Books, etc. These 5 Apps have made creating content fun and a way to draw viewers to my platform in a more innovative way. Each App has its perks and I use each one for specific content purposes.

I've been using Canva for about three years now and I love it.  One thing that I love about this app is that it stays up to date. No matter what trend is happening on the internet they're on it. For example, they have updated their designs to fit Insta- Stories.

I've also used this app to create:

  • E-Books
  • Instastory Templates
  • IGTV Graphics
  • YouTube Banners
  • Logos
  • Collages
Price: Free or Pays $$ to try Pro


Listen, I created some. really fun content on this app! I was using Imovie on my phone but it was taking up too much space. So I found InShot and it has so much to offer. This is another app that stays on trend with the platforms. These videos can be used on all platforms even YouTube. I like to create videos for my IGTV Channel with Inshot. It's quick, fun, and easy to create a video using this app.

  • IGTV Videos
  • Vlogs
  • Mobile Friendly 

Price: Free and Pay $ to go Pro ( 4.99)

Stop Motion App

I go to this app if I want to create stop motion videos. If you don't know what stop-motion videos are, the be sure to to follow Color Me Courtney. I crown her queen of the stop-motion videos. This app is very easy to use but you have to remember to turn your photos vertical to make it work.

  • Stop Motion Videos
Price: $4.99 for full usage

IMG Play

This is the app that I just found a few weeks ago and  I'm obsessed with it. I'm always looking for new apps to elevate my content and IMG Play does just that. I was reading an article about marketing trends in 2020 and this one was on the list. You can change your photos or videos into a GIF! How cool is that

  • GIFS


Here's my go-to the app that when it comes to editing my photos for the blog post. I love this app because it has so much to offer. I've taken the worst photos (bad lighting) and turned them around to the coolest photos.

Why do I love  this App:

  • Photo-editing
  • Presets: I found some on Etsy 
  • Mobile-Friendly and Desktop
  • If you use the desktop version you sign up for a FREE-Trial and then it'll be $9.99 a month!

I'm looking to try new apps this year and improving my content. Hopefully helping others do the same thing. On Saturday I volunteered at Graphic Designer Class and I learned so much. I can't wait to share with you again around this time next about the apps that learned about in 2020. Be sure you're following me on IG as I create and take my content to another level.

Until Next Time,



Here's Why You Should Say YES to Something New

On Saturday I volunteered at a Graphic Design class with Thee Goal Slayer- Charlenia Synder.   I was so excited because lately, I've been thinking about adding some new skills under my belt. When I saw the chance to volunteer and attend the class I didn't want to pass it up. This year I want to try something new whether its attending events, trying a new restaurant, yoga, dancing, etc

In this class, we learned about using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. I've only really played around with Photoshop and Lightroom.  It was great to learn some different techniques that can help me with content creation and maybe helping others with it as well.

Say "Yes"! 

 I know I said my goal is to try something new every month. But there are times when I get the opportunity, I tend to talk myself out of it.  I start thinking about what could wrong and it all trickles down the hill from there.  I challenge you from this day on to say "YES":

  • To finishing what you started
  • Being consistent
  • Choosing YOU
  • Trying something new
  • Attend that workshop or class
  • Travel 
  • Reach out to that company
No matter the outcome of you saying YES to whatever it is, just know you took a chance. You took a step of faith and did something new. You can look back on it and say well at least I tried.  I pray you to give yourself a chance to SAY YES  this year!

Until Next Time,



4 Influencer Marketing Trends To Try In 2020

Are you ready to take your brand to another level? Still stuggling to with growing your IG Platform or brand? Believe me that was me,  towards the last two quarters of the year my enagagement on IG dropped and I was totally frustrated. I didn't know what to do next. I vowed that I woud do my research and figure out the marketing trends for the New Year. Just like how I like how I look up fashion trends for the season. 

Think About It
While I was getting my degree last year I can remember doing resarch about  companies that went out of business because they couldn't keep up. By keeping up I mean staying up to date with marketing trends and willing to transistion their business. Even if they did, their campaigns didn't do that well. Which led them to bow out of their business ventures.  Some of those companies did do well with transisitoning their marketing  trends and are doing pretty well with their businesses. 

Now it's time to think about you! What are you doing to keep up with the marketing trends for the New Year? Think about it these trends change just about everyday. Instagram's alagorithm has changed at least 3 times last year. Here are some tips you can you use to stay ahead of the game as a blogger, business owner, influencer,etc.

Level Up

1. Press Record
 If you've been on the social media scene for a while now, you've heard people say CONTENT IS KING... Yes that's still true but in 2020, VIDEO Content will be king.  Creating videos adds another level your content. Wether it's a Try On Haul, Mini Vlog, How To,Behind The Scences etc. This type of content is what will bring awarness to your brand.  Think about how much we loved watching musc videos back in the early 2000's. Start thinking about how you create your content using videos.

2.  Think Beyond Likes
Likes  will not be the focus anymore! With Instagram working on removing likes, it's time to think outside the box. Brands will focus more on engagemnet  comapared to how many likes you have. Well lets think about it anyone can buys likes right but they cant buy REAL ENGAGEMNENT!  This means you're going to have to create content worth engaging with.  If you want to work with brands they're going to me more interested in if your enagagement. If they were to offer you a campaign how welll will do with. Being that they wont be able to see your likes, they may ask for your data. Ex: how many likes, views, clicks etc. You need to be comfortable sharing that information because they want to make sure they're getting their worth.

3. Value
Yes creating content with some substance and value!   It's time to take a step backa breath and just be real. Authenticity is what audiences want, no more fluff!  I like sharing and seeing bloggers sharing their Instagram vs Reality videos because it shows that it took hard work and dedication for their work. People admire those who are willing to share the real deal.  Be willing to share your curated pictures but keep it real in your captions. Also remember to share on your stories! I have no problem getting on my IG stories with my hair in two puffs and no makeup because I'm not glam all  THE time honey!

4.  Micro & Nano Influencers On The Way UP

If you have less than 10,000 followers don't worry brands are watching keep doing the work. They find working with micro influencers because of the high engagements rates.  This is a great marketing strategy for  businesses,  no matter your niche. So don't get discourged and think because you have smaller numbers that you cant work with brands because it can happen.

Now I'm pretty sure there are more tips out there, but after doing my research these are the tips that stood out to me  the most.  I also want to remind you that these trends change through out the year  and you have to be willing to put in the work.  If you're still not seeing the fruits of your labor, step back and try  something different.  Remember to study your anayltics to figure when is the best time to post and how well your post or campaign finished.  I like to check my analytics a week from when I  intially posted to see if that timing did well. I hope this blogpost gave you so insight of whats to come for the 2020! I'll be back with more tips through out the year!  Follow me on IG for more tips #ijtuesdaytips

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