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Gown Boutique of Charleston

On Thursday I visited   Gown Boutique of Charleston the content creator tonight. I sipped on some rosé, tried on a few wedding dresses and made a bouquet. Recap: Instagram| Tik Tok

Trying on these dresses brought back so many feelings of hunting for a wedding dress for my wedding in 2020. I sent a few photos to my husband and I was like let's do this again. Maybe a vow renewal coming soon in the few years or so! I mean just putting on those dresses made me feel like a princess all over again and wanting to plan my wedding all over again. Minus the headache of all the technical stuff! lol

If you’re a bride, especially a size bride check out Gown Boutique of Charleston.  My stylist was Jasmine and she was such a great help. They do offer up to a size 34, like how amazing is that! I know the struggle of finding a wedding being plus size.

Thank you Gown Boutique of Charleston for a fun evening out!




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