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My Birthday Weekend

Just about a week ago I celebrated my 33rd birthday all weekend . I had so many plans that failed, but my end result was still amazing. If anything, the last few days of 32 taught me was to go with the flow and have faith.

On Friday it was a half-day work so I got off early and was able to get my nails and my feet done with one of my best friends . After that I did some running around and went to Target to pick up some birthday stuff came home and decorated for my birthday.

On Saturday I woke up, which was my birthday made some coffee and took my birthday photos . I normally take them at the beginning of March, but March was so crazy. I wasn’t able to take them. But I woke up early enough and took them in. They turned out so cute! I was determined to stick to my tradition for my birthday photos!

For brunch we went to Momo Riverfront in North Charleston . I went with my blogger boos and we had such a good time.

And for dinner I ended it at Longhorns. I wanted to try the lamb chops so bad and they were so good.  I had cake and champagne with my other friends. I did end up getting sick that night because I drank on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

And Sunday we went over to my dad‘s for dinner. They had cupcakes and some good Easter Sunday food.  My birthday weekend was great because I led into my spring break. Next year I am planning to be on someone’s plane or someone’s beach for my birthday. I’m so grateful to see another year and can’t wait to see what 33 brings !

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