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Styling Cowboy Boots For Spring

I finally bought a pair of cowboy boots or inspired cowboy boots. That means I'm in my Cowgirl Era and Beyonce has me ready too. When I placed my order for my boots I started coming up with a few ideas on how I would style them. Of course my first thought was to spend money but baby I was able to put together outfits with what I have in my closet.

My Boots

If you're in need of wide width boots check out Torrid! My boots were on sale for a good price and they have so many options. Many companies say they offer wide width shoes but stop at a size 11. Torrid offers wide width, extended wide width and up to a size 13.

What to wear:

If you know style then you know there's NO rules to the game. Baby it's what you make it and what makes you feel good. If you need more inspiration Pinterest is the GWORL and don't forget TikTOk! Check out my latest video on how I style my boots for Spring.

How I Styled My Boots


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