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My Summer Wishlist Edit

Summer is here and here are a few things that are on my Wishlist to pick up this Summer. I plan on working Summer School part-time as enjoying my summer as well. I created a Summer Bucket List and these items can help me enjoy my Summer in style and smell good too.


Strapless Bra

A good strapless Bra is what I need in the Summer. As I plan on wearing strapless tops and dresses this Summer.

Tory Burch Slides

These slides have been bookmarked on my wishlish for ther past two years and this year I want make sure I purchase them. Sometimes I shy away from paying money on expensive pieces but I love the brand so why not.

Addias Gazzelle

My two favorite colors on one shoe=Me making a purchase!

Yellow Yankee Fitted

I'm Still In my hat Era! For Christmas my hubby gifted me a blue Yanke Fitted and that just started my obsession.


Tik Tok has inpsired my beauty list! One brand I want to try this summer is Kay Ali. I've heard great things about their fragrances. I'm working stepping my blush game up and my fave Tik Toker Toni Bravo, was showcasing this Ami Cole Blush. After see this on her skin I said to myself I need to try this.


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