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My Birthday Edit

Baby we're entering the best month of the year ( well at least for me) March! It's my birthday month and I'm so excited. I'm one those people who take celebrating their birthday very serious. I see it as another year to celebrate life and a personal new year. I tend to make a list of things that I want for my birthday and through out the year! Also a few things I want to accomplish for my personal new year but I'll share that on my birthday.

I bought my first bottle back in 2018 and finished it in 2021! I love this scent so much and I feel like it is a staple in my collection.

I tested out this scent back February and it smells so good. It kind of remined me of Black Opium by YSL

Speaking of YSL, I've heard and seen the results of using this mascara. I love that with this bottle you cam have a message or initials engraved.

I'm slowly tuning into a sneakerhead like my husband! I absolutely love these sneakers, I haven't bought a pair of ADDIDAS since 2014.

Do I another cup in my collection? No, but do I need another Stanley Yes! I have my eye this cup and another Stanley.


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