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Latest Sephora Purchases

This past Saturday I went on a Trip Sephora to window shop but ended up walking out with some items. Items that I have been eyeing for the longest. I have a beauty checklist CHECK OUT HERE of items that I want to purchase.  On Saturday I was able to mark 3 of them off my list. Most of my purchases have been heavily TikTok Influenced. I will say that the TikTok videos are true about the tweens shopping in store! 

No more putting this in my cart and taking it out ! I finally have it in my possession and so far I love it.

Okay so this got me while waiting in line, you know the minis section will ge you caught up. I’ve seen this all over TilTok and finally got a chance to smell it. Even hubby approves so I had to purchase it/

This is what  I originally went to Sephora for but you know how it goes.  I’ve tried so many bronzers and I think this one may be it. Check back in a few weeks!

Are these items on your Beauty Wishlist?


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