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9 Year Bloggerversary

"We believe in all Celebrations Big and Small." -Kate Spade

So I'm about 24 days late of celebrating my bloggerversary. I normally dedicate the first day of the month to celebrating my blog. But I was a little too busy at the beginning at the month. I went back and forth about was it too late to celebrate and I said to myself. " Girl you make the rules."

I was figuring out what to write, but then I found my first 1st year anniversary post and thought I would share it on this side of the internet being that I were starting fresh over here.

March 2016

"   I'm so excited on today because today is my Bloggerversary on Xoxo, I. Joelle. I've been blogging for about 4 years now but Xoxo, I. Joelle turns one today. Last year I decided to re-brand my blog and make it more personal.

Xoxo, I. Joelle represents my first initial and middle name. The meaning behind it my brand goes beyond explaining. I see my brand name representing everything I do in life and with my brand is with love. I do all things whole heartily and I'm very passionate. about it. My blog and brand mean so much to me because it is a way for me to reach out to others.

wasn't really the social butterfly growing up and all my thoughts were kind of bottled up.  I've always kept a journal or notepad with me as a child.  Writing stories or just jotting down daily thoughts. Writing for me is therapy, it's like an escape from reality. But being able to write about things I love is pure magic.  People may think I all I do is put on clothes and taking pictures. But there is so much behind the scenes work to blogging. There's planning, networking, investing and getting out of your comfort zone.  I go through writer's block, creativity blocks and sometime life gets in the way. But I feel that if you're not willing to work hard for what you love doing then what's the point of even doing it. There were so many times when I wanted to throw in the towel but my heart kept pulling me back.


Looking forward to embarking another year with Xoxo, I. Joelle.  No matter the circumstances I will push harder and keep going for my brand. I may not have it all or have it all figured out but I'll always be on step closer than I would be if I didn't keep going. What keeps me going you ask? I want to be the woman who I always wanted to be. I'm doing this for the girl or women who may feel that they aren't worthy because at some point of my life I felt that way.  I do this for the naysayers who may have wrote me off as what THEY thought I'd be. But God has the the last say so.  Most of all I do this for ME and for that little girl in me that's rooting for me to win.  Last but not least don't wait for others to support you. When I  first started blogging there were so many people who I thought would be there rooting and supporting me. But I learned you won't have to beg and plead for people to support you. Stay true to yourself and the rest will follow.

“I didn't know what I wanted to do, but I always knew the woman I wanted to be.”

I'll always see the month of March as a milestone for me because of my brand and this is also my birthday month. I turn 25 of the 30th and celebrating my blog and brand is a must. Xoxo, I. Joelle isn't just a name but it is ME. Within this past year I've learned so much when it comes to blogging and branding. I'm slowly but surely breaking out of my comfort zone ready to take on new heights."


I wouldn't have imagined the rooms this fist step would've taken me 9 years later. I've met many amazing people, stepped out of my comfort zone, traveled and worked with brands that I would've never imagined. On many ocassions over the years, I've contemplated giving up but I would always remember my WHY! Take a break yes but quit I just couldn't .

So you're probably wondering what's instore for year 9 to continue. Honestly to keep showing up as me authentically and whole heartily. Continuing to believe that what's for ME will always be for me. That sometimes every room and table doesn't need to be attended. Lastly that I can't wait around for opportunities , sometimes I have to go out a make them happen. Here's to year 9!

Stay tuned this week on my IG for a week filled of giveaways from my some of my favorite local brands!

Until next time,



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