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5 Spring Trends To Try

I am so ready for Spring Fashion, in a month Spring will be here honey ! I love the Spring Time simply because it's my birthday month and I just love all the feels in Spring. We still may find a chill in the air depending on where you live, but you'll still be able to rock some of these Spring Trends.

Before you dive a little deeper into this I chose trends that I would find easy for me to wear. I am a stylish computer lab teacher by day and content creator by afternnoon. When I shop I make sure I'm not just shopping for items that I can wear on my feed but I can add into my work wardrobe.

When you think of Spring the first thing that comes to mind is probably florals! Yes, that will be in the mix but Denim will defiantly do it's big one this season .Let's dive a little bit deeper!

1.Blues Baby

  1. Last year BarbieCore took over and this year you'll see a particular shade of blue. From dresses tops, skirts, bottoms etc. Even though it was said Peach was the Pantone color of the year don't blue was seen a lot on the runway by designers.

2. Denim

Along with the blues Denim is doing its big this season. I'm currently stalking a denim vest for the season to pair with several items in my closet. Also add to my Beyonce Country Era! When you think of denim don't just think pants but dresses and tops. Types of denim Utilitarian, Barrel jeans( IDK about this one for me) and Embellished to name a few.

3. Samaba and Gazzelle

If you're into sneakers or looking for the new IT sneaker then give these a try. I have my eye on a pair and you'll be the first to know one I grab them.

4. Ballet Flats

If sneakers aren't your thing then replace them with a pair of flats. Styled for causal looks and for the office. I currently own one pair and they're so comfy but I wouldn't mind adding another pair.

5.Capris or Petal Pushers

Okay, hear me out this could work! I recived a pair in PR this weekend and I have an idea on how to style them. I know Milleineals are not feeling this one but it could work ya'll!

These maybe trends you're already incorporating in your wardrobe. But some of us we maybe looking to elevate our style this upcoming season. There are so many other trend you'll see this season. Are there any you're looking to try?


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