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5 Local Coffee Shops To Try

If you've been following me for some time now you know my love for coffee runs pretty deep. I try my best to visit local coffee shops to support small businesses. I spend so much money on Starbucks why not share the wealth with local coffee spots.

1.Orange Spot Coffee

Orange Spot Coffee Shop: Iced Vanilla Latte & 

North Charleston, South Carolina

This coffee shop is in the heart of Downtown North Charleston. They moved to a new spot last year and I love the new place. This space is perfect for sipping on coffee with friends, getting work done or even getting your cup of coffee to go. Not only do they have a great selection of coffee you have to try their sausage and pepper quiche.

2.The Rise: Iced Caramel Macchiato

 Downtown Charleston, South Carolina

I love everything about this coffee shop. I even had a photo shoot here a couple years ago! The employees are so nice and give you what you ask for. My go to sips are the Iced Caramel Macihatto and a White Chocolate Mocha.


BKED: Coffee & Doughnuts

Downtown Charleston, South Carolina

After drooling over their yummy Instagram photos I got a chance to visit this shop.  Not only is their coffee good but the doughnuts are so good as well.  My favorite doughnut is the strawberry glazed doughnut. I ended up ordering and Iced coffee with caramel syrup.

4.Gala Desserts

Location: Moved to Mt.Pleasant

I found out about this spot back 2019 during a birthday celeberation and I've been hooked since. Not only do they have yummy coffee but they have happy daily from 5 to  7. My go to drink is their caramel latte iced or hot and  Party Punch  Beverage. My favorite dish is the sausage and cheese cassarole.

5.LODI Drive Thru

My drink of choice White Mocha with Strawberry Cold Foam

My love for LODI runs so deep! I love that they have a wide range of coffee and non coffee bevrages to choose from. You will also find the that the flavor choices are endless. They have 3 locations North Charleston, Mt. Pleasant and Summerville.


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