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5 Festive Nails Designs To Try This Month

I took a break from getting my nails done at the salon a couple months ago. But this month I wanted to get back in there and get my nails done. My feet needed some love too! I found so many cute designs to try this month. If you're into Pink, Red,Purples, hearts, cherries, bows, etc I found a few ideas for you. I'm normally a Square and French kind of girl but this month I wanted to have a little fun.

My Nails Last Year

This Year's Inspo

I wanted an oval shape but ended with an almond shape. Which is still cute for the most part. Next set I think Im going to try and back to square.

*photos courtesy of Pinterest

1.Subtle Clear and Red Hearts

2. French Oval and Red Hearts

3. Bows, Hearts and Gems

4. French Set with A Pink Heart

5. Cherry Hearts

Are you trying any festive nails this month ?


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