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2023 Taught Me The Meaning of Starting Fresh

Welcome to my new space on the internet and Happy New Year! I felt like it was time for something new and refreshing with my blog. Back in December I was scrolling on threads, and the topic of the week was blogging isn't dead and 2024 is made for the bloggers.

I started my blog back in 2015 after re-branding. When I first started blogging I would write about make up and beauty trends I saw other bloggers post about. Not realizing they were blogging about those items because they were getting paid and invited to events. Look there is nothing wrong with that I just thought that was the way to go. After digging a little deeper and doing my research I then relaized I wanted to blog about my take fashion,beauty, lifestyle etc. My own personal diary and space.

Fast forward to 2023, 8 years of being a creator and having a blog. So many things have changed in the creator industry locally and globlly. Ive seen so many people start their journey as a blogger/ or content creator and wisk away. When I would see that happen I would think " I pray I stay passioniate and not give up." But sometimes life happens and your focus isn't on your passion anymore. But that doesn't mean it's over completely.

I myself faced many challenges in 2023 and caused me to walk away from opportunities, turn down events, not show up in the capacity that I wanted to. My goal last year was to blog more but the way life was going I could only focus on one or two things at a time. I still had a few opportunities happening and collaborations. But I felt like I could being doing more and take my brand to higher level.

I put it out in the atmosphere back November on Threads that next year I will be a full-time content creator. I know, it was scary writing that because I said to myself what if it doen't happen. But a small voice said "What if does..."


Here we are starting fresh, letting go of what was and creating something new. 2023 taught me that it's okay to start fresh. If you want something new it requires a new level of you and your effort. I was little sad about all my old post won't be on here to show but I did my best to bring over a few good ones. If you made it this far reading Thank you for your support!

Drop me some love in the comments and share what you'd like to see from me in 2024!

Here's to the New Year!

Until Next Time,


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Bryana Spann
Bryana Spann
02 de fev.

So glad to have you a back in the blog space!

03 de fev.
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