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Sip & Paint Makeup Class

I attended a Sip & Paint Makeup Class on Friday Night and let me say I'm still on a high from all the positive energy. Valisha Wigfall (mrs_vdub on Instagram)  a local makeup artist  was the host of the class. I entered  in her give away which would land me a free seat in the makeup class. I didn't think I was going to win but on Thursday she announced the winner and it was me.

I was a bit nervous because I felt that my skills wouldn't be up to par but that would be the purpose of attending the class. My main goal about a year ago was to be a makeup artist. I bought everything from palettes, makeup brushes  and etc. So I had to dust off my kit and put everything together.

When I first arrived to the class everyone was so nice and The set up was awesome and well put together.

My goal of this class was to learn more about blending eyeshadow and how to contour correctly. Valisha's techniques were so simple and transparent. From learning how to correctly apply concealer to apply eyelashes. I 'm going to have to practice on my eyelashes more often. It  was a struggle but with help of the lovely woman who was sitting next to me she helped me out. 

Our lovely gifts bags!

I advise anyone who interested in enhancing their makeup skills to attend a makeup course. I'm willing to attend another class by Valisha and learn more. Not only did we gain more knowledge about makeup but we all received a goody bag full of goodies. The food and wine was so good. I need to find out the name of that wine we were sipping on. Until next time....

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