May Photo Diary

This month flew by with quickness! Every month I try to plan content ahead of time, but in April I just couldn’t figure out a plan for May. I told myself whatever comes will come. But little ideas would come to my head of things that I wanted to do.  In ways God made them happen!

I said I wanted to do something fun on Cinco De Mayo, so I was invited to a dinner party. 

Hubby and I were planning to do more date nights and we did just that. 

I’ve been trying to get to a local bar. Restaurant and I ended up getting invited to an at  the same place.  It hit me like if God can make these small things happen I know some much more is in store. 

This upcoming month, I am hoping to do more content especially with school being out. Stay tuned to see what I bring next month! Until then, enjoy my May photo diary !

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