Hello 32!

Whew march has come and gone along with my birthday. This past Thursday was my birthday and I can say I really enjoyed my birthday month and birthday.  My plans for last month was to celebrate myself the best way I can leading up to my birthday. Honey I did just that!  My students at work even helped me countdown to my birthday and they enjoyed it so much. 

Back in February I started planning my birthday photoshoot, I wanted something different than I normally do. After scrolling on Pinterest I came across the idea to shoot a beach picnic inspired look for my birthday. 

My Inspo

How do you think we did? Thanks to my best friend for coming with me and helping shoot this fun look. We had the best time shooting this look. The beach wasn’t too crowded and the weather was just perfect. 

What does 32 look like for me ?

Honestly I don’t know, life lately has thrown so many curve balls it’s like I’m so afraid to make any plans for the year. But I guess this is where my faith comes in. My best friend gifted me a blush by Rare Beauty and ironically the name of the blush is “ Faith”. This blush has been sold out for so long I was so surprised that she found it.

But I can say 32 will be filled with me making big decisions to make sure  the remainder of 30’s are worth it. Choosing me unapologeliticlally  ,my dreams, staying disciplined and becoming the person I know I can be. Also trusting myself and God  that it’s all going to work out for my good. Honestly probably even better than I thought it would. 

So here’s to 32 and what's to come! 

My Birthday Look

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