Life Lately


If I was to tell you I would’ve thought the New Year would’ve started the way it did, I would’ve stayed in  2022.  Last year Life was definitely “Lifeing” but I just kept on pushing with  the grace  of  God.  

Back in January I lost my grandma and ya’ll it was the hardest thing I’ve had to face in a while. My grandma still being here felt like the most normal thing in my life with everything going on.  To be honest I didn’t think she would ever leave, she seemed so invincible to me .  My grandmother lived 79 long years . She made such an impact on anyone who came in contact with her.

In the midst of her passing away there were so many other hurdles I was facing and trying to overcome. All in all I had to remind myself that all this is new and I’m not alone when navigating through these feelings. Its been so hard but honey here I am still standing stronger than ever! 

Here's what I’ve learned so far during this season of my life:

You’re the prize

Life will gives you lemons, make lemonade

Surround yourself with people the right people 

You’re not missing out on anything, enjoy where you are


If you have to start over do it

Cry if you have too

You can always bounce back

Show up

Journaling is a healing

This month I plan on celebrating me and my personal year! I'll be 32 on the 30th and I just want so much more out of life God willing. I want to be able to make my vision board come true and not have any regrets! I can't wait to see what I accomplish this year, let alone this month!

Stay tuned!

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