Don't Be Afraid To Dream Again


I found my word of the year, Dream. This word came to me in quotes, songs, conversations, etc. I then told my friend that Dream would be my word of the year. Choosing dream as my word of the year means choosing to actually dreaming again. Believing that I can accomplish my dreams and putting them into action.

Towards the second half of the year I started to feel like my dreams were out of reach. As if my dreams were no longer attainable.  So much was happening in my life I honestly just gave up on my dreams because they weren't coming true during a certain season of life.

But after a having several conversations and reflecting on my year I told myself  "Don't be afraid to dream again" We can still win at this thing we call life. The clock is still ticking in this thing we call life but it's up to us to keep pushing.  

This year, today,tomorrow etc I dare you dream again even if you have to dream a new dream. The possibilities are endless and showing up to make it happen is where the dedication comes.

Dream, plan do.


Next Time, 


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