Spring Dresses I've Been Eyeing


With Spring here my go to look would have to be dresses. I mean they're the easiest thing to style. You can dress this up and down for any occasion. Lately I've been stalking new dressed to add to my wardrobe. These next few months are going to filled with so many amazing events happening and I need to spruce up my looks  from everyday dresses to some fast fashion looks.

Everyday Dresses
When I say everyday dresses I mean dresses I can wear to work, to throw on for errands, dinner, brunch, etc. WaMart, Old Navy and Target are my go to  for everyday dresses. You most likely won't spend over $40 dollars for a dress. When purchasing dresses I make sure that I can wear the dress not just to work but make it work on all occasions. 

Vacation Dresses
I'll be headed to Orlando at the end of this  month for a Bach trip and Pretty Little Thing has been my go to. I can't wait to share the looks I purchased. If you're looking for new trendy looks check out Pretty Little Thing.

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