Sephora Savings Event

The Sephora Spring Savings sale is here and it's the perfect time  because I need to re-up on a few new items. I’ll be honest Tik Tok has influenced a lot of my purchases lately, especially my beauty purchases. There are a few brands that I want to try from Charlotte Tilbury, Rare Beauty, Dior Beauty just to name a few


Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Setting Spray

I’ve heard nothing but raving reviews about this setting spray. All the girls have this on their wishlist for the sale so I thought I’d give it a try. 

Rare Beauty Soft Pink Liquid Blush 

Most blushes I’ve purchased happened to be powdered. I’ve never used a liquid blush or cream blush. 

Chole Signature Perfume Travel Set

This month and the next few months call for my travel. I prefer not to  carry  my full size fragrances  on trips. Spray pens and rollerballs are my go to’s for traveling.  This scent has become my signature scent.

Laura Mercicer Translucent Powder

Back in 2017 I used this product and I ran out. But I would love to give this another try being that it’s in a different shade.

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