Charleston Wine and Food Recap + Photo Diary


This time last week I was preparing a 5 day adventure with Charleston Wine and Food.  Five days filled with food,experience and did mention wine! I also can’t forget to mention yummy cocktails. This year would be the second year partnering Charleston Wine and Food. Read all about  my previous experience HERE. 

I want to say those 5 days were such an experience and I was just in awe how much fun  I had. Also just to see how much work those being CHS Wine and Food put into making the festival happen.

But if you were following me on Instagram you saw all the fun I was having and I hope you enjoyed the ride with me as well. If you missed it you can CLICK HERE to catch up. Let’s get into my  5 Day worth of fun with pictures and a little background of the events.

Opening Night 

Was filled with hugs, laughter,music,drinks pouring, yummy bites and everyone just happy to be together again. My first drink of the night was an Espresso Martini curated by Grey Goose. For my first Espresso Martini, I wasn’t disappointed at all. My favorite dish of the night would be the Lamb Tacos from Jalisco. Looking back on it, I wish I grabbed two plates. But I will definitely have to stop by  the restaurant sometime soon.

Boost The Booze

I’ll be honest I didn’t know what to expect when it came to this event which is why I found it more interesting to attend. I learned about Sherry and Port Wines which are fortified wines.  Fortified wines are distilled wines with a distilled spirit added to it to increase alcohol content. I feel somewhat about Sherry Wine but not much about Port Wines. If I had to choose between then two, I would choose Port Wines. Along with tasting the wines, cocktails were created with the wines in mind. The Sherry Swizzle and The Paloma Port.

Port Wine and The Port Paloma Cocktail  ( My Favorite ) 

Culinary Village/ After Streets

Walking into the culinary village was like walking into a big playground. There was so much to do, eat, drink and see. I highly recommend visiting the Culinary Village when you’re planning your trip for Charleston Wine and Food.   After the fun during the day, I headed out to  Street Eats for Asian Infused cuisines. I enjoyed Korean Corn Which was so good, Sake, Garlic noodles and sticky rice.  This was another fun event to attend and I loved being able to try different restaurants and take on Asian Cuisines

Hip Hops Day Party / Night Cap

This was dedicated to the Hip Hop Lovers of the 80s and 90’s.  My favorite dish would have to have been the curry mac and cheese from Jack of Cups Saloon. I tried Kombucha for the first time and it was delicious and refreshing. There were so many other good eats and drinks I tried but i wanted to pace myself because Friday I went hard lol. Later that evening I headed out the Night Cap where Tank and The Bangas were performing. I enjoyed another corn dog and tried Hornitos Tequlia 


Culinary Village Day 2 and The Finale 

Sunday was the Last Day of Charleston Wine and Food and I woke up on Sunday feeling like whew! I decided to visit the culinary Village again with a friend of mine. We were  able to visit a few places I didn’t get a chance to on Friday. I left the culinary village feeling accomplished! Around 6pm it was time for the Finale!  It was such a great way to wrap up 5 full days  of fun. I danced the night away with my blogger boos .

Overall this was such an amazing experience ! I'm so thankful for  Charleston Wine and Food team to allow me to work with them  again. I can't wait to see what else is to come from this experience.  I highly recommend attending Charleston Wine and Food next year. There is so much that is offered during the five days  of the festival. A little of everything for everyone.  I want to thank the Charleston Wine and Food team for this amazing opportunity.  Check out  My Reel Here

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