My Latest Influenced Beauty Products

 I've recent had the chance to purchase some new beauty purchases. If you've you been following me on IG and TikTok I've posted a few items that I've purchased. I haven't got a chance to share to my  Beauty Purchases on the blog in a while. 

Little Luxuries 

I started this segment last  year because I normally don't shop high-end beauty beauty items but after much research I found some items that were affordable and in my budget. I promise you TikTok  has influenced me and shown me things that I didn't  know existed. I'll be honest I've slept on many of the high end beauty products.  As I'm getting older I want to try new things and give my self little luxires.

Chanel  Le Creme Main

This was Christmas present from the hubby! I wanted to give this a try and feel a little more luxurious. It feels my hands feel moisturized and smells amazing. The fragence isn't too powerful. 

Christian Dior 

I was scrolling on TikTok and saw this beautiful woman sharing this lip color. Before purchasing beauty products I always make sure that they are POC friendly. Meaning that they show up on someone who likes like me just as good as someone who doesn't look like me. After watching several videos I was like that's it I'm buying it! 

Sephora Haul 

MILK Makeup Hydro Primer 

All The Girls were ranting about this primer and of course I gave in. In reality I needed to try something new and because I was running out of my older primer.  

 Giorgio Armani Set

I'm currently in a fragrance group on Facebook and I saw this scent pop up so many times. Being that this was a blind purchase I head over to Sephora to see if there was  set available where I could try out the scent.  I found this set HERE  and it was on sale. I absolutely love this scent!

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