Friday Wishlist

Happy Wednesday today I rounded up a few items that I have been eyeing. From a new coffee mug (like I really need another one), loungewear, Jewelry, makeup influenced by the girls of Tik Tok etc.   I did some cleaning and purged some areas in my life and I'm lookin to replenish with some new items.  This month I want to start putting a limit on what I splurge on. I tend say oh that's just. "this amount of money" not realizing it all adds up.   With that being said here are a few items I wouldn't mind splurging on right now:

Journal Jumbo Female Sillouette:

If you didn't that I'm obsessed with journals and planners! Thinking back on it growing up I would always have a journal and pen with me.  To see women who look like me on a planner gives me all the  feels. 

Born This Way Foundation: 

Okay so the girls on Tik Tok influenced me to try this one! I'll be honest before I didn't believe the hype but this time around I'm looking for a new foundation. I'll let you know how it goes over on IG!


I'm in need of more loungewear and pajamas! I purged some before the New Year  so I could make room for the new. I'll be honest when I'm around the house I don't like to wear a bra but this bra  from Old Navy seems comfortable.  

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