Content Creator Giftguide


This gift guide is perfect for a content creator! The blogger, food blogger, Vlogger, Fashion Blogger Etc. If you love to create content and wether you're just starting or a pro in the game, here are few gifts that would be great.

1. Fujifilm Instax Camera: I love using this to snap pictures when I'm going out, traveling, at home and  even when I'm creating content. Taking a photo while creating content give the photo a behind the scenes feel.

2.Lightroom: This would be a great gift to edit your photos from your brand. There is a free version but if you pay for it you will receive more storage. 

3.Ringlight: The past two years I've gone through about 4 ring lights so over the summer my hubby purchased a high quality ring light. Perfect for recording reels, videos and even photoshoots.

4. Content Creator Kit: This camera is perfect for vlogging and taking pictures for creator. I think this set is perfect for a beginner content creator.

5. Influencer: I read this book about two years ago and  I gained so much knowledge. After reading this book I learned how to improve as an  influencer. Also seeing things from the perspective of a PR company and how they work with influencers. 

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