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Hello Sunday, can you believe we're entering in the last week of October. It was like October flew by  within a blink of an eye. This month I didn't have a chance to share my weekly favorites so here we go.  This past week was a whirlwind but I did find the joy in some of favorites. 

1. Polka Dot Jumpsuit

I finally pulled the jumpsuit out last week for work! It was the perfect temperature to style this jumpsuit. The only con about this is that I wish it had pockets. If this had pockets honey it would've took this jumpsuit to a whole another level.

2. Better Home and Gardens Candle

My sense of taste and smell is still a  little wonky since COVID back Jan. Certain scents I can't stand but this one was perfect. I went to Wal-Mart last Friday with my sister and she told me about this candle. Wal-Mart has stepped their game up overall. 

3.Kate Spade Harper Satchel

I haven't worn this bag since the Spring time, and I wanted to bring it back out this season. This was birthday gift to myself. This season they've added a new colors and I may have to get a new color for a Christmas gift to myself. 

4. Lazy Susan

Did you catch my coffee corner post yesterday? Read all about this $5 Lazy Susan HERE !

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