Old Navy Size Inclusive Instore

Hey loves long time no talk! If you missed last weeks news about  Old Navy carrying extended sizes in store, I'm here to give you the deets. Over the years I feel like brands have jumped on board by offering plus sizes. But when they did so, they would hit plus size women with :

  • FatTax
  • Different Styles than regular sizes 
  • Seasonal
  • Out of Stock
  • Online only 
  • Not Included in sales 
  • Not all stores participated

With all those factors would cause the collection to disappear and go back to online only. I've seen collections come in stores and didn't make it a  whole year. Just this LOFT discontinued their plus sizes due to COVID. They launched this big campaign back  in 2018  just to leave us high and dry in July 2021. 

Fast forward to 2021 Old Navy launches their BODYEQUALITY Campaign! Where  they  are now offering size-inclusive for women's clothes. Size XS-4x, equal pricing , etc. I believe this change came after several plus size influencers called them out on not including plus sizes with deals and sales that they offer  regular sizes.  For example they would have a deal of the daily dresses for $12  but once you go to the website you'll find that the deal doesn't include Plus Sizes. Those same $12 dresses would be $24 to $34, I mean how disheartening is that. 

On Sunday I was able to go in the store and leave with items that fit and were on trend.  Everything from jeans, tanks, pj's , active gear, dresses etc. were up to a 4x in the women's section. I was almost in tears because lately it's been so hard to find the perfect clothes these days. Old Navy said this change is here to stay

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