Friday Favorites Photo Dump


 This week was filled with packages coming in, trying new places, listening to new music and I headed back to work. I will say the past three days have been a whirlwind and I've been so tired. But  soon everything will become a routine and it will be come the norm. I'm looking forward to another school year but with the rise of COVID-19 I don't know what the school year will hold. This year I won't be working after school I'll work my 8 hours and have free time to work my brand and help my husband with his company. Last year I was completely  burned out from the school year!  

Heres to another week in the books and I'm looking forward to celebrating my husbands birthday! He didn't want to do much but go to dinner. So we're going to dinner with my in-laws and his grandparents. Stay tuned for the cute pics!

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