Animal Kingdom Trip Recap: What I Wore & Packed

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In this post I want to share what I wore and took with me for a day at Animal Kingdom. Before heading out to any park in Florida during the summer I highly recommend being prepared for it to rain.

What To Wear:

If you don’t know what to wear I recommend wearing clothes that are comfortable and still cute. Be prepared for alot of walking and waiting in lines so you want to be comfortable.  Somethin else to think about is what are your intentions for the trip. There are some guests who come just for the food and pictures. While others like myself come for food, pictures, and the rides. You will do a lot of walking so you want to be comfortable.

Are you into matching shirts or not? We decided that the girls were going to do matching minnie mouse shirts. I  found them on Amazon for about $25 If you didn’t know that most of the stores do carry Disney paraphernalia. But I do believe that Amazon is much cheaper. 

What to wear

  • Comfortable shoes

  • Comfortable Clothes

  • Sunglasses Hat

*My brother said wear clothes you’d probably wear to the gym!

What Did I Bring:

I found this cute book bag at Target for about $14 and it was the perfect for just about everything for me and Timothy. 

  • Fan

  • Poncho: We got rained on twice and these came in handy. We found our ponchos at  Target.

  • Handheld fan

  • Hat

  • Handsanitizer *not pictured

  • Sunglasses

  • Mickey Mouse Ears

  • Sunscreen

  • Polaroid

Despite the rain  we still had such a great time! I can’t wait to visit other park very soon and share my experience with you. 

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