Orlando Trip Recap +Car Tour

It’s been a week since we’ve left for our trip to Orlando,Florida. We had such a great time despite the rain of Tropical Storm Elsa. Timothy ( My Husband), Meagan (not so little cousin) and  I hopped on the road to my brother’s house. We got a chance to drive a Toyota RAV4 Prime XSE thanks to Local Toyota Dealers and Drive Shop. Check Out  A Quick Car Tour HERE! Let’s get into this trip!

Where Did We Stay :

We stayed with my brother which was perfect because we got to spend more time with him and save money. Also my oldest brother, best friend, niece and nephew joined the trip as well. So we all stayed under one roof for 4 nights. 

Where Did We Go:

Thursday Night: 

We ventured over to TopGolf and it was my first time. The view, food and drinks were immaculate. If you have never gone to TopGolf, I think it’s a great experience. There are different settings and games you can play with your crew. 

Friday : Animal Kingdom

I felt like a little kid all over again once we pulled up to the Disney! I haven’t visited Animal Kingdom since the 7th grade. That was almost…..I beg not to even comment how many years ago that was lol. But overall our day was very adventurous. The rain tried to take us out but thanks to our Ponchos we were somewhat dry.

Rides That We Rode:

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Navi River Journey 

Legend of The Forbidden Mountain 

I’ll share another post on what I Took with me to Animal Kingdom.


Was a very chill day. We were supposed to hit the beach in Clearwater but the rain took us out. So we all decided to go to brunch and do a little shopping. Well atleast the girls did all the shopping lol.

Where Did We Eat:


Queso Dip 

Loaded Fries 


Pizzanos’ 🍕 &Grinders

Keke’s Breakfast

I hope you enjoyed a quick recap of our trip ! I plan on sharing more on my outfits and what to pack for your trip to Disney. Be sure to check out the Car Tour HERE and thank you again to the team at @LocalToyotaDealers and @ToyotaUSA.

Until Next Time,

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