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What are your plan for Valentine’s Day if you’re celebrating? Timothy and I are still figuring out what we’re going to be doing for the day. We don’t do resturants on Valentine’s Day anymore because it’s clearly overrated and our last expiecrence   wasn’t the best. We went to a restaurant and our night was clearly rushed. Our food came out cold and the customer service just wasn’t the best. From that day on we no longer go out to big restaurants  on Valentine’s day.  

This year will be different because for one we’re married and we live together. There won’t have to be any picking up anyone and dropping them off. I’m excited to spend our first valentine’s day as a married couple. 



If you plan on staying in for Valentine’s Day I thought I’d share a few ideas not only just for Valentine’s  Day but for Date night period. 



1.  1.Game Night: 

Dedicate the night to playing games you both enjoy. From card games, board  games or even the ps4 or xbox etc. I know we have played UNO a couple of times  on game night and we enjoyed it!


2. 2.Sip and Paint 

Head to Michael’s or any craft store and purchase canvas, paint and any other accessories for the night. There are several videos on YouTube that will help create a painting. Don't forget to pour your favorite beverages for the night.

3. Dinner and A Movie

Create menu for the night whether you go 3-course meal or even pizza. Then you can head to the dollar store and stock up on candy, popcorn and any other snacks you enjoy during the movie.

4. Take Photos

Don't forget to take photos of the night so you can look back on how much you guys had the night. As you can see I love snapping photos with my polaroid.

Stay tuned to see what we plan on doing, also I can't wait to see you guys have planned!

Until Next Time,


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