My Go To Poses As A Plus Size Lifestyle Blogger


 As you can I see I have so much fun infront of the camera. When I'm taking photos I do have a few signature poses that help my shoot go smoothly. I'm not model but I do know what works for me when I comes to taking photos for my blog.  If you're a blogger or content creator or anyone who's looking for some fun poses to try for your next shoot, give these a try.

1. " Laughing At My Salad" : Throw your head back and laugh. If you google "Woman eating salad", You will see why this pose is called Laughing at My Salad.

2. Leg Crossover: I think this a flattering pose that will show your look off.

3. Drink and My Pose: Don't know what to do, pose with a beverage.

4. Hands in my Hair or Hat:  If you don't know what to do with your hands here are two poses you can try. Run your fingers through your hair or tip your hat off.

5. Throw Your Skirt or Dress:    I'm an awe of my when I see the perfect twirl from some bloggers. I figured out the major key to this pose. Have your photographer snap while you twirl or throw your skirt or dress. Movement is also a major key! 

6. Serving: So I've hit all the poses above know it's time to serve honey! 

7. Hands On Your Hips : This pose it perfect for flattering those curves. Make sure you do it effortlessly.

8. Look Back At It: This is the only time  you look back darling! lol When doing this pose make sure you take wide steps for more action and movement.  



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