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My bach weekend has come and gone but it was EPIC! My Maid of Honor Bryana did an amazing job with the planning of this trip. Today I’ll be sharing all the fun details of my Bach Weekend. We at least  the information that is safe to share.*inserts evil laugh*


 My Bach Weekend Theme:

Beyonce #WeBeyAllNight



Hilton Head Island, SC

Savannah, GA






Before arriving we took a slight detour because  SIRI decided to take us the wrong route . As we were trying to find a new route, we all lost service so I had to keep driving until one of us could get service. Once Tamara found service we were on our way to Hilton Head for the weekend. We arrived in Hilton Head around 6:00 pm after our 2 hour drive. It went by pretty quick because well for one, I was driving.  We did hit some traffic but it was smooth sailing after that.


Once we got settled in and found our rooms, we prepped for the nights festivities.  Friday Night was Beyonce Night, we all dressed up in our rendition of Beyonce’. Everyone had their own look and it was so fun to see all the different looks.  We drank Lemonade, danced, ate tacos and the of the night is history.  I do want to share that the boob tape  that I used for my girls was everything. 





I’m usually the first person to wake up but I wanted to make sure that I did sleep in a little later. Once everyone was up Bryana (MOH)  whipped us up a later brunch. We needed salt and pepper for breakfast so Tamara, Jasmine and I ran to the grocery store  and picked up some Starbucks.  When we got back Bryana finished up cooking brunch for us. It was such a delicious spread .







After brunch and mimosas, it was time for a day out in Savannah. We put on our matching shirts and headed out for the day. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been to Savannah but it was such a beautiful city. 



Where we went:

Jalpenos’ for drinks: I didn’t that you could drink on the streets of Savannah. I think was pretty cool because we were able to drink and walk to our other location. 


Savannah River Street Sweets:

We walked down a couple blocks to get some sweets Tamara was craving.  I think everyone left with some sort of sweets. When I say the city was so busy, I wasn’t expecting to see this many people out.  After we got our sweets we walked near the river to snap a few pics.  We then walked back to our truck to go home and prepare for the last night of fun for our trip.






Saturday Night


Before we headed out I started to get in my feelings a little because I didn’t want this weekend to end. My anxiety started to kick in but thankful for Bendrena  who was there to calm me down. I needed to be reminded to be in the present and enjoy my trip. Once I got dressed I headed downstairs to snap some pics before we all headed out to dinner. 


Where We Ate: Skull Ice Boathouse

Hilton Head Island


The food was pretty tasty for the most part. There was so much to choose from. We all order She Crab soup of an appetizer. When I say it was one the best I’ve ever had. If you’ve never had SheCrab Soup, it Definity worth a try.   I also order Lobster Deviled eggs which were also a hit! My entrĂ©e as Filet Migon Kabob, whipped mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. 







After dinner we headed back to the streets of Savannah! I thought I was going to be too tired but I quickly got myself together. Once we found parking we walked on the strip and made a stop to our first bar. It was outside so it was safe for the most part. I had my first Long Island Iced Tea which was sooo good courtesy of Tamara. We danced a little, got rained on and we then moved to our next location. We were going to one place but the line was too long and I didn’t really trust the vibes. Bryana originally planned for us to go to one spot and that’s where we ended up spending the remainder of the night.  I remember dancing and sipping a drink and the rest is history. My knees were hurting the next morning.  I guess that means  I had a great time.  The next morning I didn't want to leave, we had such a great time . I love the girls so much and they made my weekend EPIC. That would be a weekend I will never forget.

Until Next Time,


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