Our Glam Engagement Session & Wedding Updates

These photos are from our Glam Engagement photo session. I wanted to have Spring Session which was last year and I shared it on the blog about creating out own traditions( READ HERE).  We scored a free session with another photographer back in December and fast forward to this summer where had our Glam Session.   This session was with our photographer for our wedding and we can't wait to work with her on the big day.

Here we are 80 days away from the big day! I'm feeling all the butterflies ya'll better yet I can't even describe the feelings that I have. Around this time last year I would've never expected us having to plan a wedding during a pandemic. We've had to make some changes along the way but I'm happy to say the wedding is still on.

We decided to hold our big reception off until next year because of the uncertainty  of November.  After the wedding we head over to his parents house for a smaller and intimate dinner and cake.

Our guest list will be finalized this week and I can finally send off out invites and wedding changing cards. Due to the venue we're having to cut our list short and for those who can't attend we will have the wedding streamed on a private Facebook page.

In the next few weeks  I need to purchase Timothy's ring. I have an idea of what kind of ring I think we would like. I also want to purchase him gift for the big day but I going to wait a little down the line for that.

My girls and I have settled on a new location for the Bachelorette Weekend and the Bridal Shower. I can wait to celebrate because this has been a crazy couple of months for us all.

I still need to figure out how I want my hair for the wedding. I'm stuck between my wearing my natural hair or purchase a wig.

Stay tuned for more updates to come, I'll be sharing two more updates on the blog. After that I'll be getting closer to the big day.
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