My Cabin Trip Recap

It's been about two weeks since my trip to Ellijay,Georgia! I didn't realize how far away we were from Blue Ridge the original place  were supposed to go until I looked for activities to do. I'll be sure next time I choose a place that is in Blue Ridge not near the it.

We arrived to the Cabin Thursday afternoon around 3:30 and to our surprise the house was being shown by a real estate agent. We asked our host if we could arrive early but she stated that the cleaning crew wouldn't be done by our arrival. But we arrived early anyway to find the house being shown which has us pretty upset. But we push through our trip.  We unloaded everything and started to get relaxed for the night remainder of the weekend. Our stay was from Thursday to Sunday.

What Did We Do:

Our cabin did have a jacuzzi and we did make use of that. The only thing was it was hot outside so we didn't stay in the hot tub too long. 

There was a river across the street from our cabin so we took a little walk to check it out. I will say walking up and down the hills were very serious .

We made s'mores in one of the many fire pits. It was hard to find dry wood because it rained on and off during our trip. 

Tamara and I watched Timothy and his brother fish  but it was pretty hard to do because there were too many rocks. Their fishing line kept getting caught on the rocks and the didn't catch anything. 

We did see plenty of deer not only at night but in the daylight as well. 
I did enjoy waking up and walking out onto the porch in the mornings for fresh air. 

What I Wore

When I found out we were going on  the trip I didn't know what to pack. I did my research on Pinterest I found a few outfit ideas. If it's you're first time going on a cabin trip I suggest you pack comfortable clothing:

Cardigan or light jacket
Sneakers (a must for walking and hiking)


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