Wedding Wednesday: DIY Mrs. Denim Jacket

It's another Wedding Wednesday post but this one will be a little different.  This will be a two part series for me creating and saving some coins for bridal festivities. I've seen this denim jacket all over social media, bridal websites, worn by brides etc. I was looking to purchase one but they were quiet expensive, so I decided to do my research and create my own.

Iron Patch  (Amazon)
Denim Jacket

I found this denim jacket on sale at TjMaxx for $15 and honey I knew I hit the jack pot. After doing my research I found the iron on Mrs. patch. I spent under $50 to create this denim jacket.  I probably will add some faux pearls and other embellishments as we get closer to the wedding date.  Know that you can wear then denim jacket anytime you want during your engagement shoots, bach weekend, bridal shower  and even on the big day. I plan on rocking mine during some the festivities.

This was so easy and fun to create ! Stay tuned for part two of my DIY series next week!


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