What's In My Everyday Bag

What's in your bag? It's been a while since I've shared a What's In My Bag Post.  I love seeing other's share their everyday essentials, so I thought I'd share mine.  Just an FYI I did clean out my purse before this post. Completing this blogpost was the perfect way for me to clean my purse and get rid of items that weren't supposed to be in  there.

1. My Bag: I purchased this purse during a Kate Spade back in March. I wanted to try a new color and step out my comfort zone from the basic black  and other neutral colors.  Also,I found myself carrying around  too much items in my daily purse. So I decided to go on the hunt and downsize , I'm a big Kate Spade fan and I'm always looking for a great deal.  Kate  Spade has surprise sales everyday but make sure you're following their Facebook page. Also you can type in "Surprise Sale" in the search bar for the the sale of the day.

2. Portable Fan: Baby it's hot! I used this for our last photoshoot to keep us cool. I planned on using this for attending events this Summer. This is perfect essential for any activity this summer. I also think this is perfect for inside activities as well.

3. Wallet:  I found this wallet during my trip to Orlando last month. Of course I went to the  Kate Spade outlet for this wallet because I was in need of a bigger wallet.

4. Rollerballs:  I purchase many rollerballs and travel size scents because they're much accessible. I used to carry around my big  perfume bottles  in my purse until one ended up breaking. Purchasing rollerballs are perfect for traveling as well because you're able to bring more than one scent.

5. Sunglasses:  Yes I wear sunglasses for  fashion purposes  but just know I can't see. Lol , please believe that I keep my glasses near me .

6. Lip Stick: I carry around a nude lipstick and lipgloss just in case. On normal workdays I carry my makeup in a separate makeup bag and I would forget to bring a lipstick for the day. Luckily  my nude lipstick or lipgloss is in my purse.  My Favorite Nude  Lippies are: MAC Velvet Teddy and MAC Creme De Nude

7. Pens: I'm huge fan of  stationary items and I keep a variety of pens in my bag. My favorite pens are Flair Pens, they come in many different colors. Flair pens are perfect for color coding and pretty cool to collect.

8. Post It Notes: If I forget my daily journal   at home or I need to jot an idea really quick, I'll have my post it notes on hand. I keep these handy not only at in my purse but at  my desk as well.

9. Chapstick: My lips tend to get very dry so I keep chapstick at-least two forms of chapstick in my purse. I have to keep these lips luscious and moisturized honey.

10. Hand Sanitizer: I normally keep my hand sanitizer on lanyard at work. But since COVID -19 I keep at least two mini bottles in my purse.  It's so important during this time to keep hand sanitizer on  hand if you're out and about.

11. Air Pods and Case : Thanks to Timothy, I  have a pair of Air  Pods. The first week of my using them I kept loosing them in my purse. Either the case would go missing or the air pods would. After many suggestions, I found a cute case on Amazon for only $5.99.

12:  Charger:  Here is another item I found on Amazon. This comes in handy at home and on the go. This charger cord came in a 5 pack with 2 two different lengths.   I keep my Apple charger at home but I take this one on the go.

13. Lotion: I have to keep my hands moisturized  and feeling good. The worst feeling is washing your hands and they feel so dry after. That has to be one of my biggest pet peeves.

14. Air Freshener: This comes in handy in so many ways. Especially if you're out about and are using public bathrooms. I normally buy  Poopurrri but,  the  Bath and Body Works room sprays work just as good.

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  1. Here from Mattie’s challenge. First of all I need that bag. Second I just purchased that portable fan. Thanks for the recommendation.


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