What Brings Me Joy

with all thats going on in the world, I'm trying to remind myself of the things that bring me joy. This past week was a little crazy with adulting, wedding planning and worrying about how the school year will start. If you didn't know, I'm a Kindergarten Teacher's Assistant. This will be my 5th school year I'll be honest I don't think I ever would've thought it would be like this.  What really  has me scared was reading the news article about the three summer school teachers who contracted the disease and one passed away. Hearing that really has be on the edge and hearing how the politicians are trying to send us back to quick with cases rising doesn't make any sense to me.With so many emotions I've had to find the the joy in other things in life.

 Here are a few things that bring me joy:

  • Planning my wedding even though I've had to make so many adjustments.
  • Creating content for my blog
  • Spending time with my family 
  • Drinking coffee 
  • Creating 
  • Listening to music 
  • Scrolling on Pinterest ( I'm addicted)
  • Reading Magazines
  • Having photoshoots
  • Cooking
  • Going to work with my students
  • Painting
  • Random Car Rides
Speaking of cooking, my fiancĂ© and I cooked this amazing meal yesterday. When I tell you that food was so good. We visited my brother last month and they cooked this vegetable medley and we wanted to give it a try.  Along with the vegetables, Timothy grilled steak, oxtails and I made homemade mashed potatoes for the first time.   Everything was so just amazing and we had a candlelit dinner. I look forward to  more of these type of nights with Timothy when we get married. 

If you're feeling down or overwhelmed during this time, find what brings you joy. Unplug from social media if you have to and go for a walk. I pray that you're taking care of yourself mentally, emotionally and physically  during this time. 

Until Next Time,


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