Wedding Updates: 5 month Update

Well what do you know, we're officially planning a wedding during the pandemic. We've reached the 5  month mark of the wedding updates. We're excited to be to mark things off our list leading up to the big day in November. There have been so many updates with in the past few weeks  I decided to save them for  a big 6 month up date post.
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Ceremony/ Reception: Both of them are paid for and ready. But last week I received some news about the ceremony guidelines due to COVID-19. As of right now, they're only allowing 100 people inside the chapel. I honestly was prepared for this to happen. I mean I totally understand the safety of others and I don't want to put anyone's including our health in jeopardy. With that news we had to cut the list in half but it's only July which means more things could change. We came up with a plan b for those who can't attend the Ceremony. I'm still working on getting in touch with the reception venue  about how many guest can attend before I send out invitations.

Invitations: I'm still sending out invitations but only to the guest who will be attending. As for the guest who will not be able to attend, I'm sending them out cards with information on how they can still celebrate with us on our big day.

Wedding Cake: It looks like our wedding will be a little different due to the circumstances. So I'm thinking out the box and breaking away from tradition. Stay tuned for what we come up with.

Wedding Dress: My wedding dress and veil have arrived! I'm super excited thanks to my collaboration with David's Bridal. I haven't taken it out of the bag yet because I'm too afraid of getting something on it. I just need to find the perfect pair of shoes to go with  my dress. Check out my David's Bridal Collab HERE! 

Bridesmaids: Their dresses have arrived too, I just need to get them their dresses. We're also waiting on their shoes to arrive. I've also made a decision on hair and makeup as well for them.  Here's how they found their dress!

Flowers: I'm all about saving money, so I decided to create my own bouquet. I've been stalking weddings recycle pages on Facebook and purchased some flowers. I'll also be creating the girls bouquets as well.

Caterer: If all goes well we will  still be able to utilize our caterer even if we have a small wedding. We came up with this amazing menu and I know the food is going to be amazing.

Decorations:  I found so many cute pieces on the wedding recycle pages. I found out how I wanted to decorate for the ceremony and the reception. But until I think I'm going to put a pause on purchasing things for the reception until I find for sure how many people can attend.

Pictures: If you've been following this journey with me for a while, you know I'm a big fan of taking pictures and creating our own traditions. We had a our glam photoshoot last month and they turned out great. I can't wait to hang these up around out home and show our kids one day.

For the most part I'm excited that I can put my creativity to the test. Regardless of what's going on we're going to make the best of the day. Timothy and I our in great spirits about everything, he keeps reminding me that everything is going to work out.  I'm hoping in the next update we'll have a clearer vision on what's to come due to everything that's going on.

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