Styling A Black Dress For The Summer

During this summer heat I try to wear clotting that are flowy and comfortable. Dresses are my go to pieces for one, they're so easy to style. You don't have to worry about finding a top or bottom for the look. I found this dress on BooHoo back in May for my trip to Orlando. I didn't get a chance to wear it because I didn't want to over pack.  I though to myself why not rock it to my upcoming photoshoot.

I planned a photoshoot with friend of mine who is a Educator/blogger/ photographer Angell Troxler at Life of Angell. I was so excited to get out and shoot again because it's been a while due to quarantine.

Styling a Black Summer Dress
choosing what to style with your dress all depends on you and your style. Also considering the occasion for the dress. If I had to decided where I wanted to wear this dress I would defiantly rock this dress to brunch, a picnic or just a day out.   Still wondering how style your black summer dress?

ACCESSORIZE , ACCESSORIZE, ACCESSORIZE: Add Fun Accessories such a a straw hat or bag, ETC.

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