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 If you didn't know I am a Kindergarten Teacher Assistant and I love looking cute I the classroom. I'm Entering my 5th year and I'm a littler nervous about what's to come for the school year. Officials have suggested to pushing the start date back to September 8th instead of August. But it's still up in the air about in-person teaching  because of the numbers.

If we have to go in person I will be ready be in style but nervous at the same time. To take away some of the anxiety I created a video on Tik Tok " Teacher Style Edition". I share 7 different looks based off of 7 different categories.

Last year I also created an E-Book Based on my tips of creating my wardrobe for work. I give you tips on creating a basic wardrobe so you can build off of year round.

1. My Favorite Teacher Outfit
This happens to be my go to look for work. I have so many pairs of pants like these because they can either be dressed up or dressed down.

2. Trendy Teacher Outfit
Every now and then I will rock a dress with flats. But most of the time I'll be rocking them with sneakers. I have style and comfort for the day at work. 

3. A Look I Didn't Get To Wear
Sadly due to COVID our school got cut short  and this one outfit I didn't get to wear.  This jumpsuit would've been so cute to wear to work. This is one way I would've styled it.

4. Comfy Teacher Look
This is one look that is so comfy, from the top to the bottom. These pants are too tight or too loose.

5. How To Style A Teacher Pun T-Shirt
I absolute love Teacher Pun T-shirts and believe me this is just one way that I would style one.

6. My Favorite Dress (This Was Hard)
I had to narrow it down to this dress because this one is favorite. There are so many ways you can rock dresses to work.

7.Rolling Out Of Bed
Let me just say this I will put on leggings or jeggings in a minute if I have to roll out of bed. Can't forget my cardigan as well. 

As I stated before who knows what the school year will hold but my wardrobe will be ready. Check out my previous Teacher Style Post Below

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