Styling My New Sneakers

I am such a big  fan of rocking sneakers with a dress!  If you've you been following me for a while, you know I have no problem throwing on a dress and pairing them with sneakers. I think this  sneakers paired with a dress can we worn year around.  It's like chic and comfortable all comes together as one. There are many different types of sneakers you can wear with your dress. It all depends on your style and personal preference. Are you a slip dress and dad shoe kind of girl or are you a pleated dress and running shoe kind of gal?

As for me I don't really have a special preference. As long as the look is cute and chic.  I don't have a wide selection of sneakers but my fiancĂ© is a big sneaker head.  When I see his collection I'm like I think I need to step my game up. I found these sneakers at the Nike outlet back in May. I only have one pair of Nike Air Max sneakers. Growing up I always wanted a pair. I know my mom had a few of Air Max sneakers.  When I saw these sneakers I was like umm lets get them! While I was waiting on line to purchase I was on Pinterest looking up outfits to create with my sneakers. The first look that came to my mind would be pairing it with a dress.

If you haven't thought about trying to pair your sneakers with a dress then I think you should. Even if you start out with a basic pair of sneakers and your favorite dress.


If you want to dive in head first and try something on the edgier side!

Cute Dresses To Pair With Sneakers

Sneaker Ideas

Either way do what you feel it comfortable. You're probably saying Ireana but where am I going to wear this?  Well , you can wear it to brunch, shopping,  to work (depending on your dress code), on a date, etc. There is no limit to style, it's wall about what you're comfortable with.

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