How To Style Your Nightstand

Hey y'all happy Tuesday, I mean Tuesday Tips! I'm excited to be dipping into a little Home Decor because soon  I'll adding that under my niche. During quarantine I've done a lot or rearranging in my  space and my nightstand just happened to be on the list. I'm no interior decorator but I know exactly what I like and what I have an eye for.

1. Choose A Nightstand
If you already have one then great you're ahead of the game. But if you don't remember you dont have to break the bank to find one.  You can head to your local thriftstore or consignment shop for one. My nightstand is about 20 years old and it belonged to my grandparents.  Choose a nightstand you feel that will be functional and stylish.

2.Functional or Staged
Do you want to do your nightstand for style and your daily needs? or Are you setting it up for guest and don't plan on using it at all? Think about those steps before you decide what you will need for your  nightstand.

3.Be Intentional
 You don't want to just throw anything on your nightstand because it would be a cluttered mess. Choose items  that mean a lot to you and are very simple. As you can see I added a picture of Timothy and I  from my engagement shoot in a gold picture frame. The picture frame matched with my lamp which adds some height to my night stand. I also added my favorite Kate Spade Coffee table book and a magazine. These are items that I am very fond of and have some intent behind them. 

Coffee Table Books

4. Green Thumb
Don't forget get about your greenery! This adds a special touch to your nightstand. You can go with faux plants or if you have a green thumb , add some real plants . If you want to DIY your plants you can or shop TjMaxx, HomeGoods, Micheals, etc.

I'm looking forward to sharing more Home Decor tips in the near future.  If you're having trouble figuring out your Home Decor Style there several different ways to find out. Here are are few style names Modern, Farmhouse, Eclectic , Glam, Contemporary, Boho, Rustic, just to name a few.  Type in a few of those names on Pinterest to find your style and remember you aren't limited to just one. My style is a mix of Modern, Boho and Contemporary.

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