4 Black Owned Brands You Should Know About

I know I'm a day late during my challenge but I'm here. During the time that we're in I want to make sure that we're still amplifying melenated voices and brands. Our lives aren't a trend or a moment but a movement. I wanted to shout a few black owned business that I've been loving lately.

1. The Garden Jewelry Store

Ya'll when I first saw these earrings I was in awe! All of these tassel earrings are hand made with love by Alesia based in Atlanta, Georgia. If you're a fan fun ,bold and daring earrings make sure you check out The Garden Jewelry Store. They're affordable and come in many different shaded and lengths.

2. Black Girl Sunscreen
This cancels all the myths I heard growing up that black people don't need sunscreen. When we actually do need it to protect our skin. I wore this sunscreen during my trip to Orlando back in June and I loved it. I love that it is very lightweight, not sticky and it smells good.  You can find this baby at Target or on their personal website

3,Nubian Rock Chick 
I can't explain how much representation matters! I remember scrolling on Pinterest and seeing all the illustrations of women who didn't look like me. I'm pretty obsessed with illustrations and can't wait to hang some up around our place really soon. I've been eyeing this illustrations for sometime now and during my Quarantine shopping back in April I finally gave in and made my purchase. This happens to be one of my favorite black owned illustration and paper companies.

My first purchase from this brand was after seeing Tarji P Henson rock their Primadonna liquid lipstick. I had to have it honey, it was bold, vibrant and matte! Which is a killer combo for me to purchase. I'm so happy to see how this brand has expanded over the years. You can find them your local Target store as well as online.

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