5 Ways To Add A Meaningful Touch For The Big Day and Giveaway

So we're about 122 days until the big day and I'm still looking for ways to make this day special. We don't know what the future will hold due to COVID-19 but I'm trying my best to come up with different ideas.  During my wedding planning journey I've seen so many ways to add meaningful touches for the big day.

1.  Neon Lights For The Reception 
I think this is the cutest touch for the reception. This will be something you and your spouse can remember for  forever.  It literally lights up the party and can be used for a photo back drop as well.

Add your initials and your spouse initials on anything. From your veil, shoes, purse, napkins, even have it projected during the reception.

3. Hashtag It!
This was the first thing I figured out when he proposed! I wanted something fun and it related to  our theme which is The Great Gatsby  and my future last name. #TheGreatWalkerAffair

4.His and Her Drinks
If you plan on having alcoholic beverages or any type of beverage curate a drink that you both like for the night. I'm a big Rum and Pineapple Juice Fan and Timothy is a Remy  Martin and Coke kind of guy. If we're able to have our reception we're hoping to serve his and her drinks for our guest.

5. Illustrate It
I'm a HUGE fan of illustrations!  While scrolling on Pinterest, I saw so many different illustrations for the big day. I want to be able to put in a picture frame after family members sign it.

Thanks to Leigh of Painted Palmetto we got our illustration for the big day. I myself and several other local bloggers are participating in a local giveaway to celebrate Painted Palmetto's 2nd Year Anniversary. Head over to my Instagram for all the details on the giveaway. Giveaway end on July 25th and the winner will be announced in the evening.


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