4 Tips On Taking Engagement Photos

You said Yes to the big question now what?  I know there are so many things that are running through your mind right now. I want to ease your mind with at least one thing on the list. That happens to be your engagement  photos and if you're like me you have a Pinterest Board saved for your vision.   Timothy and I were lucky enough to have three separate shoots for our engagement photos.  I wrote a blogpost last year on why we took so many photos.  CLICK HERE  get all the deets.  But let's get into the tips and tricks I've learned during each session.

1. Research 

I'm you have your vision ready, now it's time to see who can help you bring that vision to a reality. Look for a photographer that goes with your style. Are you into Bright, Airy, Whimsical, Dark Moody etc. Each photographer has a different style and it's important that you understand that when choosing a photographer for your photos. Also consider will you use this photographer for the wedding day as well.

Have a location in mind and share it with your photographer. Pinterest is the best place to look for inspiration. Also looking on Instagram at brides in your area and  where they shot their photos can help as well.  If you don't have  a location in  mind, I'm pretty sure they have plenty of locations in mind for your vision.

2.So Fresh and So Clean

What Will You Wear:
The first thing I can suggest is wear something very comfortable and flattering for you both. Consider the type of photos you are taking as well. Are you shooting causal looks? Are dressing up?  You want to make sure the your outfits are matching the mood and the location. Avoid anything too tight fitting because you want to look and feel comfortable. Try your best to coordinate with each other. If you need help with an outfit Pinterest has plenty of ideas.

Shop Our Looks

Glam Session
I do suggest getting your makeup professionally done. It gives such a clean and glamorous look to your photos. Be sure to book you makeup appointment at least 2 to 3 hours before your shoot so you won't have to rush or find yourself running late for your shoot.  Don't forget your manicure and pedicure.  My first shoot I made the mistake of not getting my nails done professionally and I was rushing. I ended up smudging my nail on the door getting out the car.

3. Plan Ahead

This is the fun part and very important part! I'm a big planner and I believe if you stay ready, you never have to get ready. Once you finalize your outfit(s) lay it them night before or hang it up. Create a check list for what you need for the shoot.  Pack all your items in a bag for the shoot  for example:

Bring : 
Extra pair of shoes
Extra pair of earrings
Props for your photos( if needed)
Hand held fan to stay cool
Makeup for touch ups
Small Towel
Safety Pins

These are things you should consider bringing  with you on your shoot. Pack a bag for  your items  leading up to the shoot or the night before. Put a reminder in your phone to bring the bag with you.

4.During The Shoot

HAVE FUN! When I tell you on each shoot Timothy and I had a blast. I felt like during each shoot the world stopped and it was just me and him.  Make each other laugh, tell jokes, believer me Timothy did a great job at doing just that. Don't forget to smile and breath during this shoot. If you have pose ideas make sure you share them with you photographer.   I made sure to hit my favorite pose, TWIRL HONEY ! Remember  that this a preview to what's to come on the big day so loosen up and have fun.

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  1. YES to a handheld fan. I need to do that for my blog photoshoots. Great tips! And gorgeous photos!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  2. Such great tip! Luv the love ��

  3. Here taking engagement photos are very big thing, we dress ourselves with different clothes, find interesting or beautiful places.
    Miranda: happyprom.co.uk


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