Where Do We Do Go From Here?

Hey loves! I hope you're all doing well during this time. It's been a while since I've come on here to speak. But I've been very vocal on my other social media platforms. I had last few weeks  all planned out in my content planner but the heaviness from everything that is going on surrounding George Floyd, Breonna Taylor,  I couldn't bring myself to do it.

I applaud everyone who spoke up, went silent, shared resources protested, fought off racists and ignorant comments in their DMs, donated etc.  Some went as far a muting themselves on social media and AmplifiedMelnatedVoices.  I also saw many businesses PULL UP as Rihanna would say and share African Americans are represented in their companies. Which was so interesting to see that some companies that market to African Americans barely had the representation there. I can't forget to mention that LikeToKnowIt a blogger and influencer platform took the time to share Black Influencers and Bloggers.  But... why did it have to take death, looting, protest, etc for the WORLD  to wake up.
 I shared a video on how it is to be a Black Blogger here in Charleston well at least my take on it. I shared my views and some of my experiences being  blogger. Click Here to check it out. I wasn't begging for  people to see us but  I wanted to bring awareness that companies should do their research and see that there are more that just one or two bloggers here in Charleston. There are plenty to check out not just in Charleston, but in the state. 

But here we are Monday June 15th 2020.. Where do we go from here? Because I'm sure all of the hashtags, sharing resources maybe pushed on the back burner and most people will go back to their normal posting.   Will we still hold people accountable for their actions? Are you still going to #AmplifyMelanatedVoices ? Will you still stand in the gap to help end racism?

Just know the work goes beyond, posting and sharing. It needs to been done in  your walk in life too. I will also continue to do my part and show up as the black woman that I am UNAPOLOGETICALLY.   I ask that you continue still continue to show support to your  black friends.  The fight of racism and equality doesn't end here, we've been fighting for years.  Support goes Manny different ways, share their content, shop, go to their event, speak on their behalf, 

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