Quarantine Amazon Finds

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who purchased plenty of items from Amazon over Quarantine. Amazon came in handy for items that I didn't feel comfortable going into the store to get. Also if I needed it last minute, Amazon Prime was THE GOAT. 

NYX Brow Wiz Pencil: This happens to be my got eyebrow pencil. I've been using this pencil  since it made it's debut a few years back. I believe it is a dupe of Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencil and it's lets expensive.  My shade is always sold out at Target so I decided to try amazon.

Clear Makeup Brush Organizer :  I was cleaning up during quarantine and realized I needed  a space for my brushes only and found this organizer. This hold all of my brushes and my makeup spaces look s much  organized.

Gold Initial Letter Necklace: If you didn't know my name starts with an " I " and its so hard to find my initial on anything. I've always wanted one of these growing up and why not at 29!?! lol

Acrylic  3 Drawer Organizer: since we're speaking of organizing, I decided to purchase this for my bathroom sink to keep my items organized. I was so tired of things being all over the place and loosing hair ties.

Beauty Sponges: This has to be one the best beauty purchases for me. I hate that my beauty sponges would get so dirty that cleaning them wouldn't  make it better. I would end up throwing them away and having to purchase more. Purchasing this pack of  beauty sponges will save me a couple of coins over the next few months.

Natural Hair Clip-ins- I purchased these clips-ins for a photoshoot but did't get a chance to rock them. I'm also looking to see if this will be an option for my wedding as well. I will say they feel like real hair and I ordered 18inch

Handheld Fan: Baby it's summer and it's HOT! I used this during our recent photoshoot and it came in handy. This is perfect for photoshoots, in your office etc. Just. little something to keep you cool.

Gooseneck: I have tripod but there some angles that my tripod can't get without the help of someone else. This is a great purchase for bloggers, creators,business owners etc. You can set this up to record videos or snap pics.

Milk Frother: Over quarantine I was making so many drinks. It inspired me to create a foodie page LattesTilChampange. I have yet to use my frother but I'm hoping to use it really soon.


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  1. I’m in love with this list and will definitely be purchasing a few. Those clip -ins look like the would match my hair perfectly. Although, I’ve never used them before, I think I need them , LOL.



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