Quarantine Skincare Routine

During quarantine I've been looking to perfect my skincare routine.  I was inspired to do some research and try some new products out. I purchased the Hydration Set from Sephora and with my purchase I was able to get two other sets for free. I picked out the Sol De Jenairo set for my birthday and I used my insider points to try  The Tatcha  Cleansing system.

I try not to purchase a lot of  skin care items because they're going to end up being hoarded in my cabinet. I always wondered why people have so many skincare products but I was reminded that they all have different results. Also you can never have too many skincare products. The past two weeks I I've been using a system that I created with the products I received from Sephora.

Cleansing and Moisturizing

I use the  Skinfix Foaming Oil Cleanser  to cleanse my skin  and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed. This would be my first time trying out this brand. There are times I have to be very careful when I using products because I have sensitive skin.  After cleansing my skin I use the First Aid Beauty to moisturize. I've grown to love this brand over the years because it is safe for my skin type. I do this just about every day  if I'm not exfoliating my skin.


I never knew the importance of exfoliating until a couple years ago. I mean it really makes big difference for your skin. I would exfoliate twice a week using the Tatcha Water Cleanse. This is another product I've heard nothing but great reviews about so I was so excited to try it out.  When I first used it, my skin was like woah. It was like breath of fresh air for my skin and I did see a change within my skin.

This would be my first time trying a overnight mask and this was the self-care that I needed during quarantine. I've heard many great things about this product and how it works overnight. You'll wake up softer skin and your skin will glow from within. After my first use I noticed that my skin did feel  softer and there was a glow. One thing that I had to remember, was to  pat the product on but no rub it in.

Honey when I tell you this cream is everything. When I first opened this, it sent me to Brazil and back. I wanted to put this all over my body, I mean I did though. This is actually intended for your Bum Bum region to tighten and soften things up. I'll just say I'm going to be purchasing full size because I ran out for the smaller size.

I wanted to wait at least two weeks before I did rant and rave about these products. I wanted to make sure that I didn't break and that these products are working well with my skin.  What are your got to products during this time of quarantine? Have you tried any of these products yet?

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