Embracing Spring Fashion In The Midst Of

The past two days, I have been dressing up like I actually have somewhere to go. I've thrown on cute dresses and shoes to give me an extra boost of joy.  Pre-corona, I ordered a few dresses and curated a few outfit ideas when we were able to roam free.  Being that we're in quartine I've decided to make the best of it and get dolled up. Simply because it makes me feel good.  During this time, it's important to do what makes us feel our best. This whole pandemic has caused stress and anxiety for some. Many people have lost their lives, jobs and some have recovered. But remember to take care of yourself and don't be so hard on yourself.

With that being said, I wanted to share a few dresses that I'm obsessed with.  I'm down to rock my dresses in my living, to the grocery store or even on the front porch for some fresh air.

I'll be honest some days I want to wear loungewear and others I want to wear a cute dress.  Find the positives in this quartine. You're home safe and out of harm's way. You can rock your dress with bedroom slippers and not be embarrassed to do so.  Even if you put on a full face of makeup with your outfit, DO IT. Make the best of the situation and do what works for you. Remember to practice handwashing, wear your face mask and don't forget to be kind.


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