April Wedding Updates

Hey ya'll we're 206  days away from the big day. COVID-19   has brought so many things to a halt especially weddings. I've seen so many weddings being pushed back or even cancelled in the past few weeks. I'm praying that Timothy and I won't have to make any big changes to our big day in November.  But I am considering a plan b just in case things change.

Here are a few updates:

  • We plan on taking one more set of photos for our invitations. These photos will be a more formal. The pain of the of us having so many photos because I want to use them as decorations for the wedding reception. Putting them in frames as centerpieces.
  • Save The Dates have been sent out and I created them myself. They were pretty easy to create on Canva.  Also our wedding website is live for our guest.
  • Now that my bridesmaids have their dress choices , I finalized their hair for the big day as well.
  • We found two Dj's that we want to use but we're still deciding which one will be our pick.
  • After going back and forth I think I have the reception decor finalized. Also we finally found out ceremony and reception decorators.
  • I got back in touch with the venue for the reception and we'll be making a deposit next month. We were able to get a longer time slot as well.

I know the list is short but there were so many other things that were supposed to happen this month but due to this horrific virus things have been put on hold. I am a little nervous about what's to come in the next few months but I 'm going to keep the faith. Click here for previous wedding updates!

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