3 Ways To Create Content During Quaratine

We're currently in some trying times right now. and you're probably wondering should you be creating and sharing yours. Believe me, I went back and forth about if I should be posting anything. But as days went by, I started seeing articles about Posting During COVID-19.  After doing my research and reading a few trusted articles, I found that it's perfectly fine to post during this time. But make sure that you remember the climate that we're in. I was worried about posting about sponsored content because I worried about it being a bit insensitive. But I had to make sure that the content that I'm posting is relatable. I also want to mention that there is NO PRESSURE to create anything. If you don't want to post or be productive it's okay. This is not a time for competition but being together and supporting.

What Type of Content Can You Post

1.Mirror Selfies, OOTD, etc.
 I know you're like but Ireana in the house, yes! I've been using all the rooms in my house to snap photos in. From my bedroom, lounge area, living, kitchen, and even my backyard. This is a perfect  example of  sharing relatable content and sharing how you're making the best of this quarantine.

For example: Snap a picture of yourself in front of your mirror sharing details on your day and your outfit.    If you snap a selfie with makeup on, share the products you used in the caption and or in the stories.

If you don't have anyone to snap your pics then you can purchase a tripod or even prop your phone against something to support your phone. Then set your timer to snap your pics.

2.Create A Videos

I have had my fun on Tik Tok and I'm many others have as well.  You will be surprised how much it is creating content with Tik Tok.  Just the other day I created a fun Try-On Haul using a Beyonce Mix. I wanted to try something new and Tik Tok added another element to my platform. Also, fun and try some of the dances that are trending. I tried a few myself but never got a chance to record them.  If you're not ready for tik tok, upload your videos to IGTV or  YouTube. If you go that route and want to edit your videos, try the app.

3. Flatlays

I shied away from doing these on my in-feed and would only use these for fillers or for a blog post. But right now this a great way to incorporate flatlays into your content. Share items from your self-care routine, your favorite products, how does Work From Home Space look from a bird's eye view, etc.

For example One Friday evening I shared my Friday Night essentials. 
Check out my Flatlay Inspo Board on Pinterest.

If you need help figuring out new apps to use during this time, you can read my blogpost on  What Apps I Used In 2019 To Create  Content.   In the meantime  create a strategy for creating your content during this time. You may have one in place but you may have to adjust to fit the times we're in. Like I stated before, no pressure at all. Don't let anyone trick or guilt you into thinking that if you're not working then you're less than.  Have fun creating and make the best of it. I'm sure youre followers will enjoy seeinng you make the best of what's going and you being you.

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